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> Thursday, January 12, 2006: California Street

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I've always found California Street intimidating. As you drive downhill and surround yourself with more and more skyscrapers, it gets darker and darker...
Also on this photo, of course, our famous cable car, a chinatown pagoda and bay bridge far in the background.

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Super photo, ca me fait penser aux poursuites de voitures dans les films américains. (submitted on January 13, 2006)  

Moi je suis un peu chochotte et je la préfère prise dans l'autre sens, avec le "mur" qui se dresse quand on vient de Market. Mais toujours en noir et blanc, tu as raison! (submitted on January 13, 2006)  

i remember one too many times trying to race my friends Baines up that hill on our bikes. it seems that we gave up the challegen 1/2 way up. those where the days. (submitted on January 13, 2006)  

Bon, ben c la totale, on voit même la trace du carter d'huile de la voiture de Steve Mc Queen. (submitted on January 13, 2006)  

Arnaud, Lolo: En effet, ca fait tres cliche tout ca... en parlant de Steve McQueen c'est une Ford Mustang a droite au premier plan, alors c'est complet!

Geneline: Oui, je vois tout a fait ce que tu veux dire. ;-) Patience...

Hindu: This sounds like a pretty intense workout! And I bet the cable car tracks make all of that even more challenging, don't they?

(submitted on January 13, 2006)

J'aime bien cette photo mais c'est vrai qu'elle a un cote triste et imposant ! (submitted on January 13, 2006)  

Bon il va falloir que tu te debrouille pour te faire publier... Tes photos sont vraiment magnifiques... (submitted on January 13, 2006)  

Another a great picture!

I wish you did not strip the exif info from your pictures btw, I'm always curious about camera settings and stuff.

Anyways keep up the great work:-)!
(submitted on January 13, 2006)

Thank you all for the comments!

Sebastien: the software I use to resize the images deletes the metadata... if you want it for a particular photo, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail or ask via the comments. So, this one is 50mm, f3.2, 1/400, ISO100.

(submitted on January 13, 2006)

I love black and white pics! And this one is goes straight into my favorites! Love this photo, looks like something straight from a 60's movie! (submitted on January 14, 2006)  

Wonderful shot! I might be visiting San Francisco in awwek or two. I love taking pictures there! Thanks for the link add. (submitted on January 17, 2006)  

I actually have a photograph of this street (or at least I think it is) from the 60's or 70's, with the cable car of course, hanging on my wall beside me.

When I visited California a couple of years ago I did find driving there a bit intimidating, but after living and driving in Spain, it'll be a walk in the park when I come back.

I added a link to your blog on my site, by the way. I can't believe I forgot one of my favorite cities. Thanks for letting me know.
(submitted on January 18, 2006)

Thanks Manu for your visit. Your pictures are great. I've lived 6 years on the East Coast of the U.S. but have never been to California. I hope to go one day....J'ai ajouté ton site dans mes liens aussi..Bonne continuation et Bonne journée (submitted on January 19, 2006)  

Tellement cette photo continue à m'inspirer, j'ai imprimé et affiché à côté de mon ordinateur.

Whaddaya think about that?

I'd delete that anonymous comment if I were you. It's a spammer.
(submitted on February 08, 2006)

SF like Paris can be extremely photojenic for different reasons. Thanks for sharing...

(submitted on June 01, 2006)

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