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> Saturday, January 28, 2006: Crooked Versus Crookedest

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Per a request from Terri, here's a photo of a car path down Lombard street. This is a famous visitor's spot, often a must-see on someone's San Francisco tour. While I was on location to take the photo, I was amused at the number of taxicabs and rental cars driving down the street - I'm not sure I saw any locals but one thing was for sure, everyone was having a lot of fun driving down that street! This portion of Lombard is widely known as "the crookedest street in the world". Except that, I read somewhere that another city in the U.S. claimed having an even more crooked street than San Francisco's. And... objectively, I think that other countries in the world have not really bothered to participate in this ferocious competition! ;-) But it gets better... I know for sure that it's not the crookedest street in the world... because it's not even the crookedest in San Francisco. That's right, there's a street in San Francisco that's even more crooked than the crookedest! But I'll share that little secret some other day...

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This pic is absolutely incredible! Congrat :) (submitted on January 28, 2006)  

Brilliant! (submitted on January 28, 2006)  

Great its fun to play with long exposures and light movement. (submitted on January 28, 2006)  

Good idea this shot!! (submitted on January 28, 2006)  

Must agree this is a great shot! But I know of a more crooked street from the Phils, will share with you someother time :) (submitted on January 28, 2006)  

This is cool, Manuel. I remember screeching round those corners as fast as we could in summer 2000! Thanks for linking to Berne, I'm pleased to return the link. Cheers! (submitted on January 28, 2006)  

Anne: the true worldwide competition is officially started! ;-) I can't wait to see your crookedest street! But remember, this one on the photo is not our crookedest so watch out... ;-)

(submitted on January 28, 2006)

Je me tairai en attendant le "résulat ds courses", mais il faut préciser les critères pour arriver à un classement indiscutable.... (submitted on January 28, 2006)  

Impressive... (submitted on January 28, 2006)  

Thank you so much, Manuel! You sure brought back memories for me. I've visited San Francisco twice...and yup, I'm the hopeless tourist who also visited the crookedest (?) street twice.
But now you tell me, it's not! How on earth did I miss the other? Will the REAL Crookedest Street please appear. I'll be waiting and thanks again.
(submitted on January 28, 2006)

San Francisco, what a great idea for a blog. As a native my heart never left the place even though I live out here in the boonie (Central Coast) after MANY years in fly-over sountry.

Anyway, sent you a few of my SF shots.

Enjoy the blog and added you to my blogroll.
(submitted on January 28, 2006)

Bien vu!
Chapeau monsieur Manu!
(submitted on January 28, 2006)

cool trails - illustrates the bends very well. (submitted on January 29, 2006)  

That is such a great photo! It is my favorite photo ever of San Francisco! Thank you! Are you on Flickr????? Can I add you as a contact or friend??? (submitted on January 29, 2006)  

LOL Manuel...watch out!! Hehehe :p (submitted on January 30, 2006)  

GREAT BLOG! Keep the pictures coming!

Fantastic picture of lombard; the boyfriend and i stood right there in sunny daylight having our picture there.
(submitted on January 30, 2006)

> Manuel what a success! I must say I love this shot too. Congrats. I cannot participate in the competition though, there is no such street in Paris! (submitted on January 30, 2006)  

Tena koe ehoa
The long exposure is an excellent example.
(submitted on January 31, 2006)

Good job on that one! Excellent shot!!! (submitted on February 01, 2006)  

very nice. I've been to San francisco once a few years ago, and enjoyed it much as far as I remember. Thanks for all your great pictures.

(submitted on February 09, 2006)

Cool, That light expos- thing... Is that possible with a digital camera? (submitted on February 26, 2006)  

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