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> Friday, January 06, 2006: Different Destinies


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These days you're very likely to find Christmas trees abandoned on curbs at specific spots. Well, not quite abandoned, as they will be picked up by the city for them to be recycled.
I wonder what the other trees across the street think about that...

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I must admit that I also wanted to abandon my Christmas tree on the pavement.
After viewing this, I have changed my mind...
Thanks, Manu.
(submitted on January 06, 2006)

If my photo helped save a tree, then I'm happy I took it! (submitted on January 07, 2006)  

I'd almost forgotten our running joke about this when we lived in the city. We called them the derelict Christmas trees. They'd be out standing or lying on the corner, tinsel bits blowing in the breeze, shedding dry needles. Has beens, quite sad. . . Thanks for the memories.
(submitted on January 07, 2006)

Here in Stuttgart we have recycling for all the Christmas trees. Everyone brings their tree to a collection point in their neighborhood. (submitted on January 07, 2006)  

Dans les villages autour de dijon, on fait de grand feu dans lesquels chaque voisin vient déposer son sapin. C'est aussi l'occasion de se rencontrer et de prendre un verre autout du feu. (submitted on January 07, 2006)  

Arnaud's got a thought there... too late this year, but next year I might try doing a barbecue on the remains of a tree or two. (submitted on January 07, 2006)  

well, I'm just too late for the recycling stuff... So my tree is going to end its amazing life in the huge trash can, tomorrow.. (submitted on January 07, 2006)  

Same in New York city. Tons of Xmas trees have been abandoned on the curbside, that's just so weird... (submitted on January 09, 2006)  

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