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> Monday, January 30, 2006: First Republic Bank Building

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I guess this would be a typical example of the modern architecture that you can find downtown San Francisco. The building on the left hosts the First Republic Bank and this photo shows one edge of its triangular shape. I took this shot just three blocks away from this one.

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Oooh nice shot you got there Manuel!! (submitted on January 30, 2006)  

i love this shot. the building on the left seems to extend upwards infinitely.

i like your blog, by the way! :)
(submitted on January 30, 2006)

Love that. The First Republic Bank building is the highest building in San Francisco right? (submitted on January 30, 2006)  

Brilliant shot, Manuel. Most unique shape of the building. (submitted on January 30, 2006)  

I don't dare saying anything.... ;) (submitted on January 30, 2006)  

Wonderull, how many floor is there ? (submitted on January 30, 2006)  

Very futuristic buildings! Nice! (submitted on January 30, 2006)  

Great. That's the USA! (submitted on January 30, 2006)  

bon, une analyse psycho s'impose. Tu as bien sûr voulu nous parler de l'orgueil des banques par la représentation de ce symbole phallique, ca me parrait clair. Bravo c'est bien vu. (submitted on January 30, 2006)  

really like your photography. urban shots are fascinating to me. i've never been to s.f. but sure sounds and looks like a great place. thanks for the virtual tour! (submitted on January 30, 2006)  

I love it !! Can I ask you to take the Transamerica pyramid too? It could be a great addition :) (submitted on January 30, 2006)  

great composition - really like this one. (submitted on January 30, 2006)  

Thanks everyone for the comments!

The tallest building is still the Transamerica pyramid (260m/850ft), followed closely by the Bank of America building (240m/780ft), which I will both feature on this blog at some point. The building on today's photo "only" has about 25 stories, so about half of the other two. But it does look more dramatic than that on the photo.
(submitted on January 30, 2006)

Awsome! Not a second of a doubt that this is a really tall building. Great shot. (submitted on January 31, 2006)  

Tena koe ehoa
The CD tower is remarkable, a seemingly endless beanstalk of metal and glass. Makes for an interesting contrast next to the car air cleaner.
(submitted on January 31, 2006)

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