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> Tuesday, January 17, 2006: Her Majesty, The Victorian

(click the thumbnail above for a larger format)

Victorian houses can be found everywhere in San Francisco. Unavoidably, you will see a few of them on this page in the weeks to come. I picked these for my first photo focused on Victorians not only because they're gorgeous but because they have attitude! Whenever I look at them, I feel like they're whispering to me: "look at me, I've been here for much longer than you have, and will be here for much longer than you will..."

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Very nice picture! Is there an alcohol influence (as ParisDailyPhoto's small Arc de Triomphe)? ;-)
Very nice comment too...
(submitted on January 17, 2006)

Exactly where I want to live... Thanks for the tip... (submitted on January 17, 2006)  

Wow, what a beuatiful house! (submitted on January 17, 2006)  

Hang on a second - I live in a Victorian house and it doesn't lok like that! Looks sort of larger than much that Victoria would have recognised herself. (submitted on January 18, 2006)  

Wonderful hpuse! You are right these houses are still for some years (submitted on January 18, 2006)  

Hehehe i like the last line...i've been here much longer than you have and will be here for much longer than you will...definitely true!

Beautiful structures by the way!
(submitted on January 18, 2006)

These are absolutely fantastic! But what a pity that the picture is not a little bit much bigger! It would have been great to have a global idea of the whole building :) (submitted on January 18, 2006)  

oh, but i like the detail image. there is so much in every square inch. (submitted on January 18, 2006)  

It is very interesting. (submitted on January 18, 2006)  

I'd love to see a shot that encompasses a whole bunch of painted ladies lined up next to each other -- that is classic San Francisco to me. (submitted on January 18, 2006)  

Fredb: no alcohol involved, I promise! ;-)

Paris: I'll be sure to let you know once these go on the market, but I have a suspicion, it's never ever!

Ham: funny! Well, there are different style Victorians here too, depending on the exact era. I'll show a few other styles at some point.

Amande: problem solved, check your inbox! ;-)

Michele: duly noted!

Everyone else: thank you for your comments!
(submitted on January 18, 2006)

Superbe photo Manu, comme toutes les autres. J'envie ton talent.
Pour info, je crois que ces maisons sont en fait de style edwardien, et non victorien.
(submitted on February 14, 2006)

Lovely colours and tones in this one. Great city, great blog. (submitted on August 24, 2006)  

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