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> Tuesday, January 10, 2006: House Number Signs

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I don't think there is a standard for house number signs in San Francisco, you can really find a little bit of everything and here's one example. As to why 3047 is in bigger print than 3049, I have no idea! Any guesses?

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Je visite régulièrement votre blog. Je l'aime beaucoup d'ailleurs. Merci pour votre commentaire sur ma photo de Rouen.
Je vous recommande de visiter les blogs suivants que je trouve intéressants aussi:
(submitted on January 10, 2006)

Hmmm c'est pas une histoire de pot de vin encore ca... (submitted on January 10, 2006)  

Je dirais plutôt qu'il s'agit de deux apparts dans la même maison, le principal et celui sous les combles...(le 3049 bien sûr!). Souvent, c'est la nomenclature A: 2047,2049 et 2049A: traduire deux appartement de grande taille et un petit studio tout en haut... ou tout en bas derrière le garage! (submitted on January 10, 2006)  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. (submitted on January 11, 2006)  

I would agree with genaline. Especially since there are only two addresse on the block. It would make sense that they belong, perhaps, to the same building?

Whatever the reason, it is a cool sign. San Francisco looks like a very nice place to live. I had grandparents that lived in Albany, so I have been out that way a few times.
(submitted on January 11, 2006)

I think this might be it! I will go back and check when I get the chance. This is indeed a shared house, shared between two businesses. Somehow I imagined that maybe one business paid most of the cost for the sign thus the bigger print for that address...

(submitted on January 11, 2006)

Definitly agreed with with genaline... (submitted on January 11, 2006)  

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