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> Tuesday, January 03, 2006: Morning Ritual

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Dog walking is one of those morning rituals that I witness almost every day before work. You can always catch a few dog walkers in parks at around 7am. It would appear that walking your dog in your neighborhood park is also a very effective way of meeting your neighbors (starting with the dog talk and then moving on to something else!).

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Ah, a misty moisty morning. I can feel it in your photo. Thank you. All three photos are nice shots, btw. I wonder if you would do us the favor of mentioning the park or street or district/neighborhood where you captured your lovely shots. I look forward to more of your blog. Thanks so much.
(submitted on January 04, 2006)

Welcome to the Daily Photo "Club" and Happy New Year! I wish you all the best... and prosperity to this new blog! (submitted on January 04, 2006)  

That's a great concept ! And I'm impressed by your pics.... Go on !
I just added the link
(submitted on January 04, 2006)

Nice pics :) Just the same in Nyc - people shivering in the cold because they *have* to walk the dog ! (submitted on January 04, 2006)  

Kim: Thanks for the kind words. I'm actually working on something to show the locations on a map or something similar that would be easily usable.

Fabrice: thanks for the welcome and good wishes!

Paris2Texas: just note that the concept was created by Eric with his Paris Daily Photo.

Dolce: luckily, we've had a much nicer day today with some direct sunlight which is something that hadn't happened in a few days. See today's photo.
(submitted on January 04, 2006)

It's a bit like my ritual... Only not in the neighborhood park, in the forest. Here we have to walk the dog alot because of the size of the yards! Have a nice day (submitted on January 19, 2006)  

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