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> Friday, January 20, 2006: One Thousand And Seventeen Acres Of Nature

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At the corner of Union Square, where we were yesterday, hop on Bus Line N towards Ocean Beach, and 20 minutes later, you'll find yourself in one of the largest urban parks in the world, Golden Gate Park, with its 1,017 acres (I just checked!) - or 411 hectares if you prefer. Twenty minutes on a bus, for a radical change of scenery, from what feels like 160,000 people around Union Square to an actual 160,000 trees, according to the National Park Services. So... People? Trees? You pick! (although, of course, you can also go to the park with your favorite people).

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I'd much rather be surrounded by 160,000 trees than people. Where I live (in a large Dutch city) there are far too many inhabitants and even though there are many parks with canals here, there aren’t many trees! J’ai beaucoup du mal à vivre dans une grande ville!

You have a pretty picture…I’d be curious to see a close-up shot of the statue, maybe on a future post.
(submitted on January 21, 2006)

Since I'm a "tree hugger" really loved this beautiful shot. By the way, I've added your link on my blog. (submitted on January 21, 2006)  

Nice pic! So which one is "your" tree? :)
And I'd be curious too to see what the statue looks like a little bit closer.
(submitted on January 21, 2006)

There will definitely be more images on this site in the weeks to come, this park is amazing and I'll make every effort to share it the best that I can.

The statue is a 1889 work by local artist, Douglas Tilden. It represents a baseball player and you can find a close-up here.

(submitted on January 21, 2006)

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