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> Sunday, January 22, 2006: Sunday On The Court

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It was really sunny day today in San Francisco. Naturally, all sorts of sporting activities take place on weekends like this. Here's your typical Sunday afternoon on a basketball court. The level played in the U.S. even by teenagers has always amazed me.
This court is on the Joe Dimaggio playground and the two towers in the background belong to Saints Peter and Paul church on Washington Square.
PS: this post is for you Rob! ;-)

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It's amazing to see the two towers on Google's map. I think oe can even see to basketball court!
Thanks for the picture...
(submitted on January 22, 2006)

I really find this building in the background intriguing as it seems very modern but the towers seem much older... So my question is : what I see, is it just one single building or the towers (that is to say the churches) are really behind all of that?

I don't know if I am clear enough :)
(submitted on January 23, 2006)

Thanks for the post. AMerican style Basketball is definitely something I miss.

Anyway, take a look at my blog tomorrow, The similarities between this post and the one I'm going to put up are interesting, to say the least.
(submitted on January 23, 2006)

Love how you captured such a great shot through the fence and also love the symbolism of the old (towers) and the new (young kids playing basketball) (submitted on January 23, 2006)  

Amande, it is two separate buildings. The church is behind the more modern building. (submitted on January 23, 2006)  

cool action shot! like the framing through the fence. (submitted on January 23, 2006)  

why does it give me a "jail-like" impression ? (submitted on January 23, 2006)  

Thanks everyone for the comments! (Did I ever mention I love comments?) ;-)

Fred: yes, that dark grey rectangle would be the playground.

Rob: I just checked your blog and now I understand! For everyone else, it's here.

Buzzgirl: thanks for jumping in, I understand you get to see this church every workday!

Dorothee: the fence and the post with the lights definitely give that sense. At least that's how you feel when you're outside the playground, when you're inside, it's probably just the opposite!

(submitted on January 23, 2006)

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