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> Thursday, January 19, 2006: Which Store Do We Hit Next?

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Going shopping on a weekday is a pretty smart thing to do. Especially, when the stores you need are located around Union Square, which gets very busy with people on the weekends, many of them often coming from 50 miles away. The blocks around Union Square are considered by many "the ultimate shopping experience" in San Francisco, featuring hundreds of stores, and definitely the place to go to find those fine luxury boutiques... But the area also offers a ton of restaurants, art galleries, theaters, hotels... and people! More imagery later...

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Union Square is a great place to shop but also great for people watching. Thanks to your blog I might stay at Hotel Diva the next time I am in San Francisco. (submitted on January 20, 2006)  

Thanks for visiting my blog and if it's okay with you, I'll add your link to my text blog...still haven't figured out how to do this on Blogspot on my photo blog.
Love San Francisco and love all of your shots! How about one of Lombard Street? The crookedest street in the world.
I'll be back very often to visit here.
(submitted on January 20, 2006)

You shoud see all those JAP (jewish american princesses) shopping along 5th avenue on the week-days just because they have nothing else to do but spend "daddy's pocket money"...

So depressing when you're rushing outside your building to get a capuucino at Starbucks and that's the only moment you step outside in your entire workday !
(submitted on January 20, 2006)

Rodney: as I wrote in my post, I never stayed there, so if you go, please let me know how you liked it. You think I might get a free stay if you tell them I referred you? Probably not... ;-)

Terri: Thank you! Lombard Street is on the list, stay tuned!

Dolce: thanks for that new acronym, I had never heard it before! We have a few "professional shoppers" here too! Well, good for them and good for the economy! ;-)
(submitted on January 20, 2006)

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