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> Tuesday, January 24, 2006: Winter On Market Street

San Francisco Market Street in Winter
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This photo suggests a different period of time, my way of showing some of the timeless aspects of San Francisco. There's no snow in winter here, some blue skies as you can see on some of the previous photos and often, we see more sun in winter than we do in July and August... One specific winter feature though, is the steam coming from the underground metro lines. Thank you Geneline for suggesting this photo!

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Nice shot !
How many degres does it make in winter ?
(submitted on January 24, 2006)

Bravo gamin, de plus en plus fort, hein?
Une petite suggestion, toutefois, pour les amateurs. Peux-tu insérer un petit: f3.5,1/60,25mm, par ex?

P.s: La maison de Janis, elle a brûlé?
(submitted on January 24, 2006)

Arnaud, it doesn't get real cold around here, but I can't remember what it is in Celcius. I'd say between 10 to 15? (submitted on January 24, 2006)  

A little googling tells me that it was between 7 and 14 degrees Celsius (44 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit) in SF today. (submitted on January 24, 2006)  

I agree with U Manuel : if U put the cars aside, this pic does really seem timeless. But it is also because of the black and white :) (submitted on January 24, 2006)  

Getting really cold in Nyc now... Yuk.
Yet in Nyc you can see the steam coming out the the underground subway lines... anytime of the year !
(submitted on January 24, 2006)

it lokks a bit like NYC... (submitted on January 24, 2006)  

oops, looks (submitted on January 24, 2006)  

Dolce: so, you see the steam even when it's hot? I didn't know that!

Lolo: j'ai oublie de te repondre... tu demandes (par voie detournee) une photo de la maison de Janis, c'est ca? (exprime-toi!) ;-)
(submitted on January 25, 2006)

Bravo! Cette photo est superbe! (submitted on January 25, 2006)  

Love this shot! (submitted on January 26, 2006)  

Love this photo! (submitted on January 27, 2006)  

You have a lot of great shots. This I like a lot. There are a lot of details and the contrast words well. Great work! (submitted on February 03, 2006)  

Hey, you really have great pictures! (submitted on February 17, 2006)  

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