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> Sunday, February 19, 2006: Architecture By The Glass


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Unbelievable!!!! You are a professional photographer!!!
(submitted on February 19, 2006)

wow... Fantastic! (submitted on February 19, 2006)  

excellent stuff - again! (submitted on February 19, 2006)  

Where is the wine? (submitted on February 19, 2006)  

very cool take on the city - great! (submitted on February 19, 2006)  

Is this a view taken around Metreon maybe ? (submitted on February 19, 2006)  

Very good and imaginative. (submitted on February 19, 2006)  

C'est boooooooooooooooo!!!

Seriously, fantastic shot!!! Well, done, Manu! I raise my glass (without architecture in it) to you!
(submitted on February 19, 2006)

Holy cow... that's a really nice pic! Keep these awesome pics coming. They're my stress relief when I use my Widgets, ×D. (submitted on February 19, 2006)  

Karine: this was taken in cow hollow (see the map). (submitted on February 19, 2006)  

A glass without any wine???? Héhé U miss something :)

Anyway interesting shot!
(submitted on February 20, 2006)

Wonderful shot. I'll be looking at my wine glass more carefully for awhile. (submitted on February 20, 2006)  

brilliant! (submitted on February 20, 2006)  

are you sure that this isn't a screen capture from FALCON CREST? ;) (submitted on February 21, 2006)  

Riedel? (submitted on February 21, 2006)  

I guess I must answer the question "why the glass was empty". The answer is pretty straight forward: I wasn't sitting at that table... ;-)

Le Piou: it sounds like you know your glasses!

(submitted on February 21, 2006)

Hi Manuel! Great artistic shot! (submitted on February 21, 2006)  

Great shot, and very creative too! (submitted on February 22, 2006)  

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