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> Tuesday, February 07, 2006: The Bridges Of San Francisco

San Francisco Bridges At Sunset
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This is certainly not the nicest sunset I got to see in San Francisco, but I wanted to share this photo today as it shows a few interesting things. First, you can see both bridges leading to the city, from the north with the Golden Gate Bridge on the far right, and from the east with the Bay Bridge on the far left. The photo also shows that the Transamerica Pyramid (that pointy thing in the middle) is really the tallest building in the city.

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Ne fais pas le modeste, elle est superbe, et c'est si rare d'avoir les deux ponts!
Mais es-tu sûr de ne pas t'être trompé dans la localisation. Elle estprise d'. East Bay, non?
(submitted on February 07, 2006)

Excellent sunset the dramatic clouds and the reflextion on the water is superb. (submitted on February 07, 2006)  

I agree with Geneline : don't be modest Manuel. These colors are fantastic :) (submitted on February 07, 2006)  

Great shot. That's the pointy building in yesterday's shot? (submitted on February 07, 2006)  

FANTASTIC panorama! (submitted on February 07, 2006)  

Wow...this looks more like a painting with the spectacular colors! Well done. (submitted on February 07, 2006)  

Geneline: the location is right, treasure island, right by the entrance of the naval base.

Bob: yes, same pointy building as on yesterday's shot.
(submitted on February 07, 2006)

And... glad everyone liked the sunset, I wasn't being modest, sunsets here get better than that.

(submitted on February 07, 2006)

It's a beautiful picture. Love the colors... I went to SF a long time ago and visiting your website just reminds me of the extraordinary facets of this amazing town... Thanks for sharing this, I'll be back for more... (submitted on February 07, 2006)  

Beautiful photo. I love the colors and the skyline. Nice framing with the two bridges in the photograph. (submitted on February 07, 2006)  

Beautiful sunset. I moved to Southern California a few years ago and truly miss the City. Hope to be able to come back and see this beautiful sunset again as a resident. (submitted on February 07, 2006)  

the sun - setting - what's the sun? can you explain...? (Doh! no light no sun no fun here in the UK)

(submitted on February 07, 2006)

Lovely colors ! (submitted on February 08, 2006)  

Gorgeous photos.
I found you through your Yahoo Widget.
It's a welcome addition to my desktop.
(submitted on February 08, 2006)

Tena koe ehoa
Yeah bro' this set is really not that shabby ya' know. Great Capture Manuel!
(submitted on February 09, 2006)

Autant pour moi! en fait del'extrait de carte jen'ai lu queSan Francisco et je n'aurais pas imaginé la possiblité d'un tel angle si près.
Enfin, j'étais dans la bonne direction, c'est tout ce que je peux dire pour ma défense!
En tous cas, bfavo por la photo!
(submitted on February 09, 2006)

Excellent photography!!
Mind if I borrow this photograph :D

(submitted on February 14, 2006)

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