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> Sunday, February 26, 2006: Brunch At Bagdad Cafe

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I love this picture typical US...with this hat and chips... (submitted on February 26, 2006)  

What a beautiful hat : she looks like Barbie!

The guy on the left does not seem very happy to be taken into pic :)
(submitted on February 26, 2006)

Hi Manuel

Are those portions just for one person? Nice hat!
(submitted on February 26, 2006)

You know what, I'm always nervous when I'm taking photo on the street or with strangers, luckily my DC can zoom 12x :p (submitted on February 26, 2006)  

Yes, Bob. Those portions are for just one person. Cela explique la grandeur de mon cul... (submitted on February 26, 2006)  

Ahh, Bagdad Cafe... the Denny's of San Francisco. (submitted on February 26, 2006)  

And the size of that pickle!! Amazing ;) Bagdad cafe was one of my favorite place for Sunday brunches. Thanks to make me remember this. (submitted on February 26, 2006)  

I like the map link. Bizarre. (submitted on February 26, 2006)  


Is that your order? Anyway, nice shot! Pink hats always get attention.
(submitted on February 26, 2006)

Amande: I don't think the guy on the left was bothered by me, the camera wasn't pointed at him, I think the look was in direction of the waitress. Maybe that pink hat...

Rodney: no, that wasn't my order, I had a light brunch. ;-)

(submitted on February 26, 2006)

Suddenly I'm hungry - looks great like what you get at Greasy Joes in St Kilda (submitted on February 28, 2006)  

vive Alain Souchon!
non, mais!
(submitted on March 27, 2006)

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