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> Monday, February 06, 2006: Chinatown Scenery

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Grant avenue is where your first Chinatown visit usually starts simply because of a Chinese gate that was built there some thirty years ago to lead you onto the street and mark the beginning of the neighborhood. Grant avenue is home to a lot of tourist stores, easy Chinese food and lots of people with cameras (including me this time). For my first photo of Chinatown on this site, I thought I would start there as well, until we move on to the more authentic parts of this neighborhood.

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What I really like here is the contrast between the old and colored building on the right and the skyscraper in the back, all grey! (submitted on February 06, 2006)  

I thought that at the beginning of the neighborhood there was a great door like that I've perhaps looked in a movie... but , probaply I'm confusing with New York ? (submitted on February 06, 2006)  

Also in this Manila's Daily Photo Blog the argument of the day is China Town ... in Manila!
Have a look :

I hope to do some shots about the china community here in Rome!
(submitted on February 06, 2006)

Great composition and sharp lines. (submitted on February 06, 2006)  

Love the Chinatowns ! Look forward to see your other pictures ! (submitted on February 06, 2006)  

What a shot - love the blue skies...

(submitted on February 06, 2006)

I like Chinatown a lot in San Francisco. It is so authentic and one can clearly feel that the Chinese community is big there. After all this one is known as the biggest Chinese community outside Asia. More pix about Chinatown will be so cool :)!! (submitted on February 06, 2006)  

I actually like the almost hidden sign that says "Sacramento"! Is that the name of the street or is somebody trying to tell somebody something? (submitted on February 06, 2006)  

Joe: there is indeed a Chinese gate just a few blocks away. So, you got it right! And, I had no idea there was a Chinese neighborhood in Rome!

Eric: I haven't moved to Sacramento! (was that the hidden message you were thinking about?) ;-) It's the name of the street.

(submitted on February 06, 2006)

Wonderful shot with exceptional colors. Brings back memories of when I visited China Town. (submitted on February 07, 2006)  

Manuel, actually I was wondering if the locals were trying to send the chinese community to Sacremento... (submitted on February 07, 2006)  

nice! love the sign leading the eye into the frame :) (submitted on February 07, 2006)  

Eric: I would have never thought of that! ;-)

Emma: glad you noticed the sign! ;-)

(submitted on February 07, 2006)

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