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> Thursday, February 16, 2006: Downtown Playground

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I took this photo at a playground located downtown, close to Chinatown. It was quite a scene to see these kids have this much fun in this skyscraper surrounding.

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Too bad we can't see adults having that much fun in a skyscraper surrounding! (submitted on February 15, 2006)  

really nice. ah where are the days of pure and simple fun?! :) (submitted on February 15, 2006)  

Hi Manuel,

those kids look as if they're having a great time. Nice shot!
(submitted on February 16, 2006)

Nice photo! (submitted on February 16, 2006)  

Nice shot. SF is just a "target rich" environment for photography. I love the place. (submitted on February 16, 2006)  

Great play on the contrast - something very small, playful and innocent amidst stationary, towering skyscrapers. Great shot! (submitted on February 16, 2006)  

Stuttgart: You can. There are a bunch of old folks playing games all day long at that very same location every day. The rest of us are working our tails off inside those towers you see in the background :(

Manu: you're doing fantastic with this blog, congrats! :)
(submitted on February 16, 2006)

Hi, a nice blog you have here. You will surely get an bookmark :) Aliyev (submitted on February 16, 2006)  

Excellent : the girl does not seem very comfortable flying so high whereas the boy seems having so much fun... (submitted on February 16, 2006)  

Thanks for passing on these smiling faces, and good job on the photo. Did you have to manually set or bias the f-stop?
(submitted on February 16, 2006)

The smiling faces are great. (submitted on February 16, 2006)  

Quel contraste en effet entre ces buildings et cette petite fille qui semble jouer dans un jardin qu'on imaginerait vert et entouré d'arbres.
La photo est vraiment intéressante et très belle également. Bravo.
(submitted on February 16, 2006)

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