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> Saturday, February 18, 2006: French Tourist In San Francisco?

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I apologize for this "below average photo" but when I found myself driving behind that car, I just couldn't resist... I have seen lots of funny cars in San Francisco, but this one caught my attention. Not only the car itself is funny but when I started reading the stickers, I thought it really deserved worldwide exposure, so here it is. I think my favorite sticker is the one that says: "Politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed often and for the same reasons." Although, I also really like the one that says "Never buy a car that you can't push". And... "You have to be really secure to be seen in a car like this" is one of my favorites too... Ok, I like them all! What's your favorite?

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Great shot!!! and please don't talk about below average photo ;) this is an unexpected shot, but San Francisco has lots of those unexpected things to offer. Am I seeing right? Do I see a French plate number on it ?? cool... (submitted on February 18, 2006)  

Excellent and well worth posting! Yesterday I ran after an older French car to take its picture as it was driving off .. not sure what it's going to look like but it sure is a lot of fun to capture the moment, even if the picture is not 100% perfect! (submitted on February 18, 2006)  

Tiens, je savais pas que Nico était venu en voiture...J'aime la pétanque, une revanche? (submitted on February 18, 2006)  

The French plate looks real - must be real... Brilliant picture! :) (submitted on February 18, 2006)  

I've seen a lot of funny cars in San Francisco, but I've never seen one like that!

The quotes are funny too...I like the one about politicians.

The French plate is curious...

Great Photo!
(submitted on February 18, 2006)

It's a 2CV, isn't it? (submitted on February 18, 2006)  

Je suis presque sûre de l'avoir déjà vue, il ya un bon moment! En même temps, on imagine mal qu'elle ait pu échapper à la réimmatriculation. Je suis perplexe! (submitted on February 19, 2006)  

Hi Manuel,

Great. Maybe the one about the boots. I wonder how it got there. The car's French judging by teh license plate and stickers.
(submitted on February 19, 2006)

Very funny! But I am surprised too, can a 30+ year old 2cv travel on US roads?? (submitted on February 19, 2006)  

Excellent!!! U're very good at taking a pic while driving :) I love the sticker "I love pétanque"! (submitted on February 19, 2006)  

Nice shot...I'll remember "never buy a car that you can't push". :-) (submitted on February 19, 2006)  

Geneline, Eric: I'm pretty sure the car has a California plate too that we can't see on the photo. The original French plate probably just serves as decoration.

So, is this a 2 CV break, or something like that?

(submitted on February 19, 2006)

Hi Manuel!

Interesting stickers! LOL! But I can't read through it! :) But like Lisi, what i'll remember is not to buy a car i can't push!
(submitted on February 19, 2006)

Eric, you'd be surprised but they're still around. I see old French cars on a regular basis in the area, although not too often. (submitted on February 19, 2006)  

So there were three snails, went out for a drink together in the Snail Pub, and they got to talking about the cars they would buy. The first snail wanted a Porche, "coz it'd be good for pulling the girl snails". The second wanted a people carrier, like a Renault Espace, "So I can get the family in." The third thought for a minute and said: What I'd like is a Citroen 2CV, and when I get it, I'm going to put a turbocharger in it. And then, I'm going to paint a great big letter S on each side. Then, when everyone sees me, they'll say 'Gosh! look at that S car go' (submitted on February 20, 2006)  

Ham: Good one, I had never heard it before! ;-)

(submitted on February 20, 2006)

this car makes the shot look as tho it's right out of the Bronx in New York City! how dirty the car is. (submitted on February 21, 2006)  

Like all french people coming to see this picture i really love "i love petanque" !!! so typically french!!! (submitted on February 24, 2006)  

I think it is the 2cv from the French restaurant l'Anjou. Took pictures of it:


Very nice restaurant by the way.
(submitted on February 28, 2006)

If the plate are genuine, I'm sure it's the car of l'Anjou. On the french plate you can see 49 which is the number of "Maine et Loire", the region of Anjou. You sould try Coteau du Layon wine :-D

This car is called "2CV commerciale". I rarelly see them in France now, they are about 30 years old.
(submitted on March 04, 2006)

HAHA ! How can a such vehicle can be in San Francisco ! another great finding, i love the stickers ! Apparently, this car is coming from the region where i was born :) really funny (submitted on April 27, 2006)  


My name is gilbert CARLIER, i'm a frenchy guy, Yes this car is a 2CV Citroën : cocorico a french car, a funny car but not a comfortable car. My father have had one of this little funny car !!!

I live near from REIMS, the town of the CHAMPAGNE, have you seen the sticker about the country of CHAMPAGNE ?

I would like to visit San Francisco. May be one day ?

It's a lovely town !

My favorite car is my body !

Aurevoir et à bientôt
(submitted on May 06, 2006)

Stickers :

2CV = Two horses LOL !!!!

PSG : Paris Saint Germain = French Football 's team.

G. C.
(submitted on May 06, 2006)

Stickers :

2CV = Two horses LOL !!!!

PSG : Paris Saint Germain = French Football 's team.

G. C.
(submitted on May 06, 2006)

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