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> Tuesday, February 21, 2006: Golden Gate Bridge Cables


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I love this shot
Bravo Emanuel
(submitted on February 21, 2006)

Nice shot: Why's it called Golden Gate - because of the sun? (submitted on February 21, 2006)  

Fantastic shot love the texture of teh red against the sky. (submitted on February 21, 2006)  

J'veux la meme chose pour ma balancoire (submitted on February 21, 2006)  

T'as pas la mm avec un couché de soleil? (tiens, dans les dents!!!) (submitted on February 21, 2006)  

Cool shot! (submitted on February 21, 2006)  

This reminds me of walking across the Mackinac Bridge one summer (they have an annual bridge walk, but pedestrians aren't normally allowed). Are pedestrians always allowed on the Golden Gate? (submitted on February 21, 2006)  

I've seen on discovery channel how the golden gate was built, trully a magnificent structure! (submitted on February 21, 2006)  

Hi Manuel!!
beautiful shot, love the red against the blue. Makes a bridge look so simple...just wires.

(Thanks also for stopping by my blog, could you link me up to yours? I´ll link you up to mine :)
greetings from Buenos Aires
(submitted on February 21, 2006)

Strong image with the warm reds and cool blues (submitted on February 21, 2006)  

Superbe photo, très "pure". J'adore! (submitted on February 22, 2006)  

Love this shot... How the devil dp they paint these things I wonder? (submitted on February 22, 2006)  

Bob: you will find the answer here.

Dorothee: ton humour n'a vraiment pas de limites. J'essaie de te retrouver quelques uns des ingenieurs d'origine et je te les envoie.

Lolo: tres drole egalement, bravo.

Mea: yes, pedestrians are allowed during certain hours during the day. You can also ride your bike across.

Phil: I was told there's two people who paint and repaint the bridge by hand all year long...

(submitted on February 22, 2006)

some golden gate bridge stories:
(submitted on March 05, 2006)

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