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> Tuesday, February 14, 2006: The Hearts Of San Francisco

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A few years ago, San Francisco launched a fundraising project involving over a hundred artists who were asked to create heart-shaped sculptures. The sculptures were auctioned and two million dollars were raised. The first hearts were unveiled exactly two years ago, on Valentine's day of 2004. Today, you can still find a few of them in the city, displayed publically like on this photo, or sometimes even in some of the auction winners' front yards.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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cute idea...I will not break your heart...I will not break your heart...I will not break your heart... (submitted on February 14, 2006)  

I don't receive chocolate! T.T (submitted on February 14, 2006)  

Great pic Manuel...love the writtings on the heart too! (submitted on February 14, 2006)  

That is cute :) (submitted on February 14, 2006)  

Hi manuel, nice clear pic as usual. .. and up early to post it. (submitted on February 14, 2006)  

Nice shot. And really cool initiative. I remember those hearts when I was in SF. They really add an extra nice touch to an alreay so beautiful city. Happy Valentine! (submitted on February 14, 2006)  

Love it! (submitted on February 14, 2006)  

This is a great shot with a nice angle! (submitted on February 14, 2006)  

Quelle jolie idée! (submitted on February 14, 2006)  

I will not break your heart... My favorite !

Happy Valentines Day Manu !!
(submitted on February 14, 2006)

Tena koe ehoa
The concept is a very good idea and 2 millions dollars an excellent result.
(submitted on February 14, 2006)

Happy Valentines Day!
This is a cute heart !
(submitted on February 14, 2006)

Nice photograph n well clicked :)
Happy Valentines' Day to you!
Thanks for droppin by my blog

(submitted on February 14, 2006)

"I left my heart in San Francisco "

Yeah, I know... Just couldn't leave "13" comments on that post! ;-)
(submitted on February 17, 2006)

Iv'e seen thoses around San Fransisco and always wondered what they were. What a cute idea! (submitted on February 17, 2006)  

wish my heart was not already broken. this shot spoke to me. lovely. (submitted on February 21, 2006)  

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