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> Sunday, February 12, 2006: Lomar Produce

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Just like in Paris, weekends are often spent grocery shopping. Here's a typical scene in The Mission district where locals shop for fresh produce.

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So you do have fresh products in SF!! (Just kidding!) (submitted on February 12, 2006)  

hi there!

i found your blog via a widget of yahoo's widget engine (maybe you know it). im really fascinated of pictures from somewhere else in the world, especially from sf. im german and my class ended school last year, so, i have a friend who is in san francisco right now for one year, since september 2005.
she doesn't answer my emails although she has access to a computer and internet - that's all i know. unfortunately, i don't know here address there, so that you could have taken a photo of that place, maybe... shit happens. so, good luck to you and keep goin'!
(submitted on February 12, 2006)

Mission and its fresh products: for fruits it is all good. Seafood (mainly in chinese stores) in the Mission, they really don't look that good!! :( especially behind a really dusty window. (submitted on February 12, 2006)  

I remember when I was young, my mom and I would sometimes go to the Mission to get some fresh produce. We'd be carrying bags of greens, fruit and seafood just like these folks in your picture. Thanks for taking me back down memory lane. (submitted on February 12, 2006)  

Tena koe ehoa
A lovely ethnic feel and apparent of course. Is this a predominantly multi-cultural neighbourhood or one ethnic race. For some reason buildings like those seem to imply a central/south american flavour. Might be the colour combinations or the construction of buildings I'm not sure just feels that way to me.
(submitted on February 13, 2006)

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