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> Thursday, February 02, 2006: Love And Haight

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The very intersection shown on this photo, where Haight street meets Ashbury street, was in the sixties the epicenter of the hippie movement, period at which this San Francisco neighborhood became known as "Haight Ashbury". The high point of this period was of course the summer of 1967 also referred to as the Summer of Love. Today, the neighborhood is a whole new scene, but it still is a place like no other in San Francisco, and many aspects of it definitely evoke what it must have been during the Summer of Love. Before I show you some of that in images, I felt a proper introduction was needed - I apologize to all of you who knew the story, but I didn't want to take any chances.

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Although the name was familiar, I never realised what/where/if it was ... Thanks for this shot (submitted on February 02, 2006)  

I love this photo! Very nice. (submitted on February 02, 2006)  

I really like this photo!

Unfortunately, what businesses are at those four hallowed corners today? Well, there's a GAP, Aardvark's (used clothing) a touristy t-shirt shop, and a Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop. Okay, Ben & Jerry's isn't so unfortunate!
(submitted on February 02, 2006)

Dang! Jerry and Grace are long gone...but what's that smell??

At least, no Starbucks, right?
(submitted on February 02, 2006)

Best spot on Haight Rockin'Java (coffee place) right before Amoeba music store. I'm a passionate person about Haight St. it is my favorite part of San Francisco! Thanks for the pic!! (submitted on February 02, 2006)  

Great shot Manuel... and thanks for the intro...learned something new today :) (submitted on February 02, 2006)  

Nice blog & pictures. I have linked you to my cityblogs :-) (submitted on February 02, 2006)  

No San Francisco blog would be complete

Without a photo of Haight and Ashbury street... Nice shot!
(submitted on February 02, 2006)

Buzzgirl: I agree, the gap definitely doesn't fit on that street. There's also some new architecture that appeared recently which is very questionable. Luckily, for now, these are exceptions.

Alex: Jerry and Grace are not that far gone... more on that later!

Karine: I'm not sure I know that coffee place... you got me all curious now! (and don't talk to me about Amoeba please, I can't afford to go there right now).

Sidney: thanks for the link!

Thanks everyone for the comments!

(submitted on February 02, 2006)

Welcome to my blog Michael, hope you're enjoying it!

(submitted on February 02, 2006)

Karine: is it the place that always have their windows completely open on the street? (submitted on February 02, 2006)  

You got it Manuel!! That's the one :))
And their banana mocha or something like that is delicious ;)
(submitted on February 03, 2006)

Karine: pffewww, ok! I've been there, I haven't tried the banana mocha... it sounds interesting, I'll put that on my list! (submitted on February 03, 2006)  

WOW! That picture evocked an enormous flashback, 66-70 had friends that lived on Oak two blocks from that intersections, spent a lot of time hanging on Haight watching the world go by!! Still visit the neighborhood every time we get to the City. (submitted on February 03, 2006)  

Oh God, I'm having a flashback... The Filmore, Jefferson Airplane... I think I see God! (submitted on February 03, 2006)  

great picture manuel. this place is the stuff legends are made of. i have a few crazy stories from there, in particular from the woody park just across the street up the hill, that i should tell you about sometime :) (submitted on February 03, 2006)  

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