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> Friday, February 03, 2006: Mosaic Stairway


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Here's another little San Francisco secret: San Francisco's one and only mosaic stairway. Built by 300 neighbors of the Sunset district and inspired by a mosaic stairway in Rio de Janeiro, the San Francisco stairway was completed in July of last year and can be found, and climbed, at the intersection of Moriaga street and 17th avenue. Details of the construction project can be found here.

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I really like the way you took your picture. This project is really great. I find it an excellent idea to gather people around that : it can make them better know each other and share something! (submitted on February 03, 2006)  

Yep, could not agree more. Really cool shot. More! (submitted on February 03, 2006)  

ca fait tres "thermes romains" tout ca... (submitted on February 03, 2006)  

Good pic. Interesting similarity to lots of stuff done in mosaic here. (submitted on February 03, 2006)  

Wow, Manuel. Who knew? It so happens that I'll be out in the Sunset tonight...I'm definately going to stop by to see this. Thanks! (submitted on February 03, 2006)  

Nice project ! Cool mosaic. Great stairs! (submitted on February 03, 2006)  

La photo est super! Superbe idée le cadrage!
En plus, le projet est sympa: super pour tisser des liens avec ses voisins ce truc!
(submitted on February 03, 2006)

Wonderful shot and great tip. My wife would love to climb the steps. I will visit for sure next time I am in San Francisco. (submitted on February 03, 2006)  

Very interesting Manuel...cool shot too! (submitted on February 03, 2006)  

I went by tonight. It's amazing! Much higher, many more steps than I would have thought. Really cool. Thanks, Manuel. (submitted on February 03, 2006)  

It seems this stairwell was a secret for more people than I thought it would be! Glad I could share and glad you enjoyed the photo (and the actual stairwell for the lucky ones who could go see it for themselves!).

(submitted on February 04, 2006)

Un escalier san franciscain vraiment pas comme les autres. C'est le seul que je connaisse en mosaïque .. ce qui ne veut pas dire qu'il n'y en est pas d'autres.... (submitted on February 06, 2006)  

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