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> Saturday, February 04, 2006: Nature And Vista Joggers

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According to a very serious study (conducted recently by San Francisco Daily Photo...), there are three types of joggers in San Francisco. There's the ones that jog on machines at the gym, then there's the ones that I call "urban joggers" and the ones that I call "nature and vista joggers". I think we're all familiar with the "gym joggers". "Urban joggers" typically jog anywhere on the streets of San Francisco: cars don't bother them, people, traffic lights, curbs, slopes, nothing will stop them. The "nature and vista joggers" like those shown on this photo, will surround themselves with nature: they can be found in parks, or by the water, and you will see them stop on occasion to admire the view, smell a flower or observe a bird.
(and then there would be me, standing there and making photos, with no intention to jog...)

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Ce genre de paysages me manque... On a Zilker Park ici, c'est bien, mais.... (submitted on February 04, 2006)  

I'm right there with you not jogging. (submitted on February 04, 2006)  

Looks like a lovely place for a jog ! (submitted on February 04, 2006)  

Hi Manuel, I jog and take photos but not at the same time. Like the sunlight coming through the trees. (submitted on February 05, 2006)  

[and then there would be me, standing there and making photos, with no intention to jog...)] LOL... (submitted on February 05, 2006)  

Looks very tranquil. Nice shot. (submitted on February 05, 2006)  

Hahahaha Manuel you made me laugh there! I'm sure i'd be beside you but i'd be eating hotdogs while you take pics! LOL (submitted on February 05, 2006)  

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