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> Monday, February 27, 2006: On The Job

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It was a pretty nasty day today in San Francisco. Obviously, that didn't stop photographers, like this lady who was wearing numerous layers of clothing and had been there on the beach shooting for several hours. As for me, I took a few shots and went home!

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You went out in this weather, for us?!! That is total dedication!!!

Good shot, too!
(submitted on February 27, 2006)

Wow, looks like a rough sea. Did the seals come out to sit on the rocks? (submitted on February 27, 2006)  

That does not look like a fun photographic outing. (submitted on February 27, 2006)  

Great shot - Funny, I was down by the sea in a storm yesterday too. (submitted on February 27, 2006)  

For someone not so active ;-) Congrats for this picture. It is very courageous of you :) (submitted on February 27, 2006)  

Great shot. We don't get to see enough good photographer pictures, they are always on the wrong side of the camera. (submitted on February 27, 2006)  

Great Picture! The same storm is supposed to hit us here tonight. (submitted on February 27, 2006)  

Rough seas in a gray day. Gee it brings so many memories. Thanks for such beatiful picture (submitted on February 27, 2006)  

thats some serious dedication, it looks absolutely miserable out there. (submitted on February 27, 2006)  

the waves, the rocks and the photographer combine to make this very dramatic. (submitted on February 27, 2006)  

I love your picture. (submitted on February 27, 2006)  

M bien aussi ;)) (submitted on February 27, 2006)  

Very heroic! (submitted on February 27, 2006)  

I like the idea of photographing the photographer. Actually watching the Olympic bobsled race on TV I was more intrigued with the camera and lens a photographer was using. That and the precarious position he placed himself in.

Great photo. Love the reflection in the sand.
(submitted on February 27, 2006)

Nice shot! (submitted on February 27, 2006)  

Very cool shot! One can certainly feel the wind and the cold at Ocean Beach when looking at this picture. (submitted on February 28, 2006)  

A photographer's life... (submitted on March 13, 2006)  

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