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> Wednesday, February 01, 2006: One Month Milestone!


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This is my one month milestone! I wanted to thank you all for visiting and commenting on the photos. I hope you liked what I've done so far. I do realize and want to acknowledge that my photos do not necessarily show what one might expect from San Francisco photos, but to me, that's the whole point. So far, almost eight thousand of you have visited the site and I received over two hundred comments! This is way beyond what I had expected after just one month of activity and I wanted to thank you all for that! As the photo of the saxophonist seemed to have been appreciated by many, I thought that for this milestone, I could share another photo of that scene that I had taken that day. This one shows more context and a different perspective. This photo was a "safety shot" that I took because I wasn't sure that by the time I would get to the other side of the tunnel, the light was still going to be ok or the saxophonist still be playing. Anyway, I thought you might like this one as well. Thanks again for your support and let's keep going!

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Uh, Dude, this shot is better than the last one... like - a safety shot? Well, I guess they're both less or better equal to each other, but this one has contrast of the music caged in the light penetrating into the darkness. OK, maybe I took too many art classes. (submitted on February 01, 2006)  

Wow, already a comment... Rob, one does never take too many art classes! (submitted on February 01, 2006)  

Congratulations, Manu! I never took an art class (well, except in school), but still I think this is a great shot! :) (submitted on February 01, 2006)  

Hi Manuel! Congratulations for your first month! Great shot again...thanks for sharing. And err...this is a safety shot? (submitted on February 01, 2006)  

Congrats on your first month! I wish you many more. As far the photo is concerned, no offense, but I honestly prefer - and love - the first one. (submitted on February 01, 2006)  

Same as Eric, the first one "talks" to me much more than this one ;)
1 month ? Perfect for widget-cycling 29 days ;)
(submitted on February 01, 2006)

Hey Manuel, congratulations on your first month and on many great photographs. About what you wrote: Let's keep on blogging the other side of the coin. (submitted on February 01, 2006)  

Top classe 24 carats la vie d'ma mere! C'est genial, tu nous montres ton san francisco a toi, la ou tu vas, ce qui te branches, te fait vibrer, le meilleur des guides! merci pour les photos, les emotions et a daily shot of beauty dans ce monde de brutes.

Y'a pas beaucoup de photos de chevaux... a Philadelphie on avait pleins de flics a cheval, ca t'aurais plu...
(submitted on February 01, 2006)

Some great shots on this site. Congratulations on the fiorst month. I've just started a city photo site too. Can I link? (submitted on February 01, 2006)  

Yeah, definate CONGRATULATIONS! are in order for ya - you have a spectacular blog!

It's great that your photos are off the beaten path of San Francisco. We can get lots of stuff on the touristy sites.

Show us what San Francisco is REALLY like - quirks and all - and we will come! :-)

Keep up your great work!
(submitted on February 01, 2006)

Bravo a toi, Manu, c'est un moment de plaisir quotidien que n'egalerait meme pas une balade a cheval... (submitted on February 01, 2006)  

Saxophone, Jazz, Milestone, les puristes t'ont reconnu !!!
(submitted on February 01, 2006)

This is my turn to congrat you. Your pics are full of life, of colors (or without :)and emotion.
1 month? You are only at the beginning of your beautiful "blogging-life". I wish you all the best!
(submitted on February 01, 2006)

And I agree with Phillytim, San Francisco daily photo does not look like a San Francisco daily postcard nad it is a good thing!
(submitted on February 01, 2006)

THANKS FOR THE NICE WORDS EVERYONE!!! (submitted on February 01, 2006)  

Congrats on one month! As for art classes, come see me...I'm at the San Francisco Art Institute, just one block over from your photos of Lombard and one block up the hill from Bimbo's! (submitted on February 02, 2006)  

Congrats on your one month anniversary! Great photos and slice of SF. (submitted on February 03, 2006)  

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