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> Tuesday, February 28, 2006: San Francisco All-In-One Package

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For the last day of the month, I'm happy to present you with a San Francisco All-In-One Package: a big slope, cable car tracks, Victorians, the Transmerica pyramid, bay bridge, the bay, ... Did I miss listing something from this photo? Please help! ;-)

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wow...that pic is a beauty!

i have to say, your photos are the only things that are keeping me sane while im off at college! they remind me of home while im away from home! thanks a lot ;-)

keep up the awesome work!
(submitted on February 27, 2006)

Absolute stunner of a pic, Manuel (submitted on February 28, 2006)  

Great pic Manuel.

Maybe you missed a car chase:)
(submitted on February 28, 2006)

ummm, how bout a rainbow flag or two guys gettin' jiggy wit it? ;) hehehe (submitted on February 28, 2006)  

Great Pic Manuel. You did not miss a thing with this picture. (submitted on February 28, 2006)  

Absolutely superb!

(By the way, bring the skateboard!)
(submitted on February 28, 2006)

Woaaaa. When I see this, I feel like I really miss San Francisco :) and its beauty. That shot is absolutely beautiful. (submitted on February 28, 2006)  

The only thing I see missing from this picture is me on vacation!

(submitted on February 28, 2006)

Marvellous! (submitted on February 28, 2006)  

maybe yourself, although you are behind the camera and not in the photo...beautiful (submitted on February 28, 2006)  

very nice pictures
I love San Francisco and visit it 10 times
(submitted on February 28, 2006)

Yeah! something's missing! you should have wait for a cable car or for a fire truck!!!!
Just kidding, that's a sweet picture you made here!
(submitted on February 28, 2006)

Fantastic image you made there. The lights are amazing and the view is unique. I love it. Do you mind if I save it on my computer to use as a wallpaper ? Thanks!
(submitted on February 28, 2006)

you should list:
thru the bridge lights, we see the port and the start of the hayward fault.

on the right, are the yellow lights gas lights?

and THE MAJOR FOCAL POINT of the photo ... which is ... the Immigration Building! ;-)
(submitted on February 28, 2006)

Just beautiful!! (submitted on February 28, 2006)  

Great sense of the city from this one (submitted on February 28, 2006)  

Même les collines d'East Bay et les si caractéristiques fils électriques et/ ou téléphoniques y sont! Bravo!
A quelle heure pour avoir une rue aussi déserte?
(submitted on February 28, 2006)

excellent - everything i expect SF to be!! HAVE to visit some day. (submitted on February 28, 2006)  

Great one!
It seems to be a popular photography spot!:

(submitted on February 28, 2006)

(Had this one on my flickr faves for a while) (submitted on February 28, 2006)  

OK Manuel, you missed Twin Peaks, The Presidio, The Marina District, Pacific Heights, The Golden Gate... wait! You were looking the other way!

Great shot.
(submitted on February 28, 2006)

Thanks everyone for the comments!

Rob: yeah, good point!

LePiou: I actually did a few shots with a cable car going down (I almost got hit by one actually). But I didn't like the result very much and I was getting tired of waiting for them to show up. Maybe I'll try again some other time.

Ness: No gas lights. Funny about the immigration building, didn't think of that!

Geneline: 11pm on a week day...

Sebastien: when I was on location, I had a feeling I wasn't the first one to take a shot there... ;-) I go to flickr sometimes to get inspired (that is: inspired on what not to photograph because it's been done a million times before - but I hadn't seen that b&w one - I can tell you from experience that the one on flickr was a dangerous shot...).
(submitted on February 28, 2006)

Absolutelty breathtaking, Manuel, fantastic photo! It's photos like this that makes me want to go back to San Francisco. (submitted on February 28, 2006)  

Super capture Manuel. I'll be coming to your blog the moment I hear of an earthquake as we'll all be wanting to see what that looks like and to be sure you are still taking photos. Night shots are difficult, but you did an excellent job. (submitted on February 28, 2006)  

Beautiful!! I miss this seeing this site in person!! (submitted on February 28, 2006)  

Beautiful Manuel! You have definitely outdone yourself here! What a great shot! As Eric mentioned night shots are extremely hard but you captured the details splendidly! (submitted on March 01, 2006)  

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