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> Monday, February 20, 2006: San Francisco Stop Sign

San Francisco Stop Sign
(click the thumbnail above for a larger format)

Today is Presidents' Day in the United States. If you're interested, you can find a little bit of history about this holiday here.

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Hi Manuel,

Brilliant. I love the contrast of red, black and white.
(submitted on February 20, 2006)

GREAT sign, Manuel and great shot. Can't help wondering if that sign is ressurected from the 60's? (submitted on February 20, 2006)  

Nice photo, Manuel.

In answer to your question...yup, brand new city blog. I'll link to your site.
(submitted on February 20, 2006)

Enfin, alléluia, j'ai réussi!!!J'ai pu franchir la barrière! Je vais enfin pouvoir m'exprimer sur tes super photos, après avoir abattu mon pare-feu à la hache.
C'est quoi, le jour du Président? Un peu comme la journée du Maire ici?
En tous les cas, le gars (ou la fille) qui a ajouté "war" est un sacré malin, on dirait que c'est d'origine.
(submitted on February 20, 2006)

Excellent photo for this day aux U.S. There's also a new site called http://www.insultthepresident.com/

The site says, "Insult The President, Because Everybody Deserves An FBI File . . .

Welcome to insultthepresident.com, a website dedicated to providing constructive feedback (insulting) to the President of the United States. Unless of course, the President is perfect, beyond reproach, and makes only good, well thought out decisions for idealist reasons that better humanity…um….yeah…"
(submitted on February 20, 2006)

Michael, what a perfect comment for this day! I love your sense of humour! :)

By the way, doesn't each expat have an FBI file already?
(submitted on February 20, 2006)

Great picture!!(my sentiments exactly!!!!!!!!) (submitted on February 20, 2006)  

LOL Tomate! I actually worry about "the other one" more than the F.B.I. It's called the I.R.S. (submitted on February 20, 2006)  

I love that sign! San Francisco is so great! I miss it... (submitted on February 21, 2006)  

Michael: as long as you don't have to deal with the "other" one ... (INS). By the way, speaking of the government, hope you don't mind, but I intend to repost the site you suggested. I laughed so hard, I figured, hey , no need to keep it to myself ;-) (submitted on February 21, 2006)  

We have a group who has done this to a bunch of our stop signs here in Richmond, VA too! (submitted on February 21, 2006)  

Great photo! (submitted on February 22, 2006)  

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