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> Saturday, February 11, 2006: Shadows In Golden Gate Park

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I went for a walk in Golden Gate Park today and stopped by this area close to stow lake. The trees there looked different than in the rest of the park, they were smaller and their branches were really interesting to look at. As the sun came down, the branches casted those shadows that made them look somewhat intimidating. What do you think? Tranquil? Scary? I haven't quite made up my mind yet.

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If the photo hadn't been shot on an angle, maybe it wouldn't have that ominous tinge. It doesn't fit with my memories of Stow Lake, which are rather poetic and happy, even in fog. I wonder how this would look at the same angle on a foggy day. (submitted on February 11, 2006)  

Nature's own Rorschach Test! A very cool shot, Manuel. I can't make up my mind either. There are three empty benches in the middle of the shot, but the tree's shadows seem to be saying, stay out, go away. Looks like there's three kids sitting around a rock, too. (submitted on February 11, 2006)  

Tena koe ehoa
The angle does nothing for the shot, only gives me a headache. This isn't scary, but I wouldn't call it tranquil either. If it had to call something I'd call it shadows in the park.
(submitted on February 11, 2006)

I believe that a great photographer can transfer various moods onto the picture. To me, the angle is perfect because it does suggest a sense of mystery. We don't see this everyday around Stowe Lake, but like Manuel mentioned, he takes photos of the daily things he sees in San Francisco - not just the touristy, common, average spots. So for that, I thank you, Manuel, for taking us on a journey to stop and see every inch of San Francisco. Thanks again for the great shot! (submitted on February 11, 2006)  

Des fois le photographe (même un bon, hein!), nous transmet l'émotion qu'il peut, par exemple un lendemain difficile, comme on dit chez nous pour être poli.Là, je vois une soirée au Fillmore qui a laissé des traces...mais a chacun son interpretation...(moi je préfère la photo du Golden Gate Bridge, au couché du soleil!!! (submitted on February 11, 2006)  

Great green. It's difficult to capture interesting branches in a photo but you've done it! (submitted on February 11, 2006)  

It looks spooky to me. Spooky, but cool. (submitted on February 11, 2006)  

Tranquil to me. Compared to the rest of the town, that is. ;-) (submitted on February 11, 2006)  

J'ai adoré cette photo. Je suis resté scotché un moment à la regarder. (submitted on February 11, 2006)  

For me the spectre of a ban the bomb sign from the 1960s (submitted on February 11, 2006)  

I love this picture ! Magnifique! (submitted on February 12, 2006)  

wondeful light! the angle gives it a slightly warped feel, so i guess it could be a tad scary, biut i can't make up my mind either ;) (submitted on February 12, 2006)  

I loved to follow the controversy through the comments! Thank you all (those who liked the photo and those who didn't).

(submitted on February 12, 2006)

When I look at this picture, it gives me the impression that the trees are showing us a path. Just follow the shadows.
You're a good photographer Manuel :)
(submitted on February 13, 2006)

I think it's a cool shot! I love San Francisco and was there last June... (submitted on February 13, 2006)  

Definitely creepy! (submitted on February 14, 2006)  

Wonderfull manuel!! (submitted on February 19, 2006)  

If it were foggy, it would look like Sherwood Forest. Very haunted. I enjoy your site. Put you in my links. (submitted on February 22, 2006)  

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