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> Thursday, February 09, 2006: Sing-A-Long Mary Poppins: Last Chance Today!

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For those of you not familiar with Sing-A-Longs, it is the projection of a film where the audience is required (encouraged?) to sing along the tunes during the film - oftentimes, at the entrance of the theater, you are also given tools and instruments to make noises and sounds at specific moments during the movie (indicated on the screen for your convenience). I have attended a couple of these sing-a-longs in the past (and participated to the best of my singing ability) and it is a lot of fun! Located in the Castro neighborhood (follow the rainbow flags), the Castro Theater is my favorite theater in the city: I love the place, its atmosphere and the programming offers a unique opportunity to see old films in a theater. I think this theater is a "must-go" on a San Francisco visit, and the next time I'll go, I'll take my camera so that I can show you how beautiful it is inside and maybe even capture the theater's very own organist who plays on a old Wurlitzer pipe organ before each film (a pleasant alternative to the series of adds for sodas and cell phone providers that you usually get in regular theaters...). More information on the theater can be found here, and of course, there will also be more photos of the neighborhood coming your way on this site.

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I know they have done the Sound of Music in the Chicago area. Never did make it, though. Looks like a lot of fun, especially if you can take kids along. (submitted on February 09, 2006)  

Great contrast of black and white and colours (submitted on February 09, 2006)  

my favorite is the rocky horror picture show.

manu- so do the people at the castro also show up in costume and with props?
(submitted on February 09, 2006)

Tena koe ehoa
We have a similar type of experience here in Aotearoa. We don't call them theatres though, we call them "Pubs". You can get a inexpensive night of entertainment while engaging in conversation and listening to how someone's dog got it's leg cut off in the hay bailer!

This is intermitently disengaged by the singing of "Ten Guitars" by a group of locals dressed in black bush shirts, who have no desires to return home to their wives until they get hungry!

The evening of frivolity is ended when the proprietor of the establishmnt taps you on the shoulder and tells you to drive your round the back and come into the "House Bar" where you reawaken to continue much of the same until it's time to go to work.
(submitted on February 09, 2006)

Loved the color on the flag only. Very cool. And the Castro is my very favorite neighborhood in San Fransisco! (submitted on February 09, 2006)  

oh this photo is over the top cool! what a way to capture the feel of this quintessential gay landmark. KUDOS! (submitted on February 09, 2006)  

I love that the flag is the only colorful thing on the picture!

I didn't know about the sing-alongs. They must be a great deal of fun, indeed!
(submitted on February 09, 2006)

This is such a great photograph. Love how you left the flag in color and the back ground black and white! Thanks again for a great shot. (submitted on February 09, 2006)  

Great photo, Manuel. I love the sing-a-long Sound of Music.

Ms. Miami, yes, people do dress up in their drag-tastic best! I love it!
(submitted on February 09, 2006)

That's interesting, I'll stop by next time I go to San Francisco!!! It must be so much fun.

Are kids allowed to come along ? I have a daughter who is 10 and loves to sing musicals...

Oh, and I love the contrast B&W / color. Very cool effect.
Thanks for sharing.
(submitted on February 09, 2006)

Quite amazing! Nice idea! (submitted on February 09, 2006)  

ms. miami: there's definitely some costuming going on and the theater sometimes even organizes a costume contest that takes place before showing the film.

ndiginiz: LOL

tomate: mark your calendar for the next ones, it's a life altering experience, you'll see...

ally: you can definitely bring your daughter, some costumes might need a PG-13 rating sometimes though, but no big deal. ;-)

(submitted on February 10, 2006)

Living in Paris, we get Will & Grace delayed a few seasons. But...a friend of mine sends me videos every once in a while. She recently sent me the episode where they are all at the sing-a-long Sound of Music and I totally cracked up. Mary Poppins would be harder for me to remember all the songs, but SoM I'd have to play Maria that's all there is about it!

Great way to make this "typical" SF photo even more interesting!
(submitted on February 17, 2006)

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