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> Saturday, February 25, 2006: Something For Everyone

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There's often something for everyone at store fronts: the benches for the husbands, something for the kids to play with, the bowl of water for the dog. In other words: anything to help the ladies shop in peace and at length! How convenient! ;-)

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I live in Oklahoma and shopping certainly isn't that convenient around here! I happened upon your blog randomly and the pictures are awesome! You make me want to travel across this country to see this beautiful place! Thanks! (submitted on February 25, 2006)  

You're a little bit of a macho here Manu ;-) (submitted on February 25, 2006)  

What do you mean Amande, I love it that I have a place to sit! ;-)

(submitted on February 25, 2006)

I think it it's great that you have a link to the map. Great pics! How do you know Noir Desir? (submitted on February 25, 2006)  

Great site. Keep up with the photos (submitted on February 25, 2006)  

How funny! I was just on Union St. today! I swear, one day I'm going to see you with your camera and scare you to death with my screams of "It's Manuel, it's Manuel!" (submitted on February 25, 2006)  

Hi Manual, nice shot but there's nobody here, did they all go into the shop??
(submitted on February 25, 2006)

buzzgirl: now, I'll know it's you!

lisi: I took the photo before the crowds arrived.

(submitted on February 26, 2006)

U have no intention to jog while the others run and U like sitting while the others go shopping. So if I sum up, your only activity is to take pictures! Nice :) (submitted on February 26, 2006)  

How about jogging round the store while taking photos ?:) (submitted on February 26, 2006)  

amande: pretty good summary! ;-)

bob: yeah, I guess that would be an option...

(submitted on February 26, 2006)

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