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> Friday, February 10, 2006: Street Music In The Haight

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It's not unusual to see musicians on Haight Street. It's part of the scene, locals typically don't pay too much attention to them and just walk by. Some of these musicians are definitely better than others, but I really enjoyed this couple playing and singing old American folk songs.

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Tena koe ehoa
I'm intrigued by your comment that "locals typically don't pay much attention to them and just walk by" is that considered the norm or is it an idiosyncrancy prevalent in that area of San Francisco? In Aotearoa, it wouldn't be totally out of the ordinary if people joined in! Is it a shyness or an afliction of fear to publicly performing?
(submitted on February 10, 2006)

I'd guess it's that people don't want to "waste time" listening to street performers. They might start liking the music and have to give them a dollar.

That looks like so much fun. You have to go to the skyways to see street musicians in Mpls. in February.

Great photo.
(submitted on February 10, 2006)

Nice shot: It really catures the moment. (submitted on February 10, 2006)  

Lovely study! I particularly like the passerby caught in frame. (submitted on February 10, 2006)  

Great shot. Looks like '67 all over again. (submitted on February 10, 2006)  

Your photo composition is great. Did you wait for the passerby to walk into the frame? He really makes the shot. (submitted on February 11, 2006)  

Ahhh! The Haight. I sometimes hung out there during my high school days. Brought me back to the past. Great shot! (submitted on February 11, 2006)  

ndiginiz, michele: I think that locals who live in the neighborhood don't pay too much attention simply because they see this every day.

denton: I had both eyes open to allow the passerby in the frame, timing was difficult for him to fit properly, this was the second frame of a series of three.

(submitted on February 11, 2006)

OK, OK, I am a little late but I love this shot too. (submitted on February 12, 2006)  

is that ethan, from survivor? hehe (submitted on February 15, 2006)  

very nice.passerbys help the actors,specially the man,to be in the focus of attention. (submitted on February 21, 2006)  

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