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> Friday, February 17, 2006: A Sunset Home

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The Sunset is the neighborhood located south of Golden Gate Park. It is a quiet, family-oriented neighborhood. I believe it was named The Sunset simply because it is located by the ocean where the sun sets. This house on the photo is located on a hilltop close to where the mosaic stairwell can be found, but The Sunset is mainly a flat area which makes the sunset on the ocean visible from most parts of it.

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... sauf les jours de brouillard, nombreux dans le quartier! (Quelle langue de vipère cette Geneline!).
La photo est très très californienne....Bravo
(submitted on February 17, 2006)

Nice shot, Manuel. I really like what you did with the light.

(submitted on February 17, 2006)

Nice...is Sunset where the Seal Rocks are? (submitted on February 17, 2006)  

Nice gentle evening sun (submitted on February 17, 2006)  

Blues at Sunset? (submitted on February 17, 2006)  

Great shot Manuel...i love how you captured the light bouncing against that wall...beautiful! (submitted on February 17, 2006)  

neat site, i plan to revisit often and thanks! (submitted on February 17, 2006)  

that looks stunning ! bravo ! (submitted on February 17, 2006)  

C'est boooooooooo! (submitted on February 17, 2006)  

Whaooooooooooooooooooo, very nice shot! (submitted on February 17, 2006)  

Nice photo! I love the light. (submitted on February 17, 2006)  

Being a native San Franciscan, this is not a typical photo that you'd see of the average Sunset home. Manuel, the lighting and the angle makes it look like a farmhouse in Cape Cod. That's the surprise about San Francisco - it's got many faces and many moods. Well done!! (submitted on February 17, 2006)  

Thanks for linking to my site. I like this most recent picture the best. It feels warm and inviting.

(submitted on February 17, 2006)

Great reflections! Lovely! (submitted on February 17, 2006)  


Thanks for the comment you left me recently. I just haven't had time to reply. I enjoyed doing my blog, but can't be as consistent as Eric and you every day. Your photos keep getting better and better, so that's enough to keep me busy. Thanks again for leaving the note though...it made me smile.
(submitted on February 17, 2006)

Spectacular lighting, Manuel! You captured this so well. (submitted on February 18, 2006)  

Sensational shot, amazing light. Love it. (submitted on February 22, 2006)  

thats gorgeous, it captures the warmth of the evening sun soooooo well. (submitted on February 27, 2006)  

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