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> Thursday, February 23, 2006: Traffic Worker

(click the thumbnail above for a larger format)

Since I didn't have much to write about this photo anyway, I thought I'd use the opportunity to mention that I'm trying something new with the large photo formats when you click on the above thumbnail. The idea is to be able to browse the larger formats easily. Please try it and let me know how you like it.

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Really like that large format, makes the photos jump out at you!! (submitted on February 23, 2006)  

de Paris... sympa les photos ! surtout en grand
From Paris... very nice pictures ! mostly when they're large
(submitted on February 23, 2006)

I think you should go with it. (submitted on February 23, 2006)  

ummm...browsing the photos is easier but I also like the blogger format. (submitted on February 23, 2006)  

Magnificent shot ! (submitted on February 23, 2006)  

I like your photo proposal... keep with it. BTW, Love you blog format! (submitted on February 23, 2006)  

Interesting photo! I like the browsing. (submitted on February 23, 2006)  

Yeah, it's a great blog, indeed; you're doing absolutely fantatsic! (submitted on February 23, 2006)  

That works really well. I'd add it to my blog, but I'm afraid of screwing up everything else that has been added over time :( (submitted on February 23, 2006)  

cool (submitted on February 23, 2006)  

How'd you do that?? (submitted on February 23, 2006)  

Yes, how do set up browsing? (submitted on February 23, 2006)  

Thanks everyone for the feedback! I think I will follow this format from now on.

Anne and Rodney: a web host and some html pages, I didn't use a software or anything (that seemed too complicated to setup)

(submitted on February 26, 2006)

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