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> Wednesday, February 08, 2006: Well Behaved Ladies

(click the thumbnail above for a larger format)

I was pretty pleased when I bumped into those ladies today because I think this is a great example of architectural diversity within Victorians from a same style and era. Each house on this row is quite unique and yet, they all get along very well. Maybe we have a few lessons to learn from those houses...

PS: I'm very happy to announce that San Francisco Daily Photo now has its very own Yahoo! Widget thanks to the expert hands of Frederic Botton! The widget can be downloaded here or from the left menu.

PPS: I decided (at the last moment) to spare any of my jokes about the title of this post. But if any of you feels like it, there's always the comments...

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Houses architectural diversity is always nice to see..
Thanks Manu
(submitted on February 08, 2006)

I'm sure indeed that these houses can offer many many possibilities to well behaved ladies........... (submitted on February 08, 2006)  

On which street are these Victorians located? Are these the ones on Steiner? Thanks for the great shot! (submitted on February 08, 2006)  

Great view of the painted ladies :).. I love those Victorian houses. Part of San Francisco's charm. Bravo for your widget!!... could Frederic create one for Buenos Aires.. ?? ;) .. ok just kidding. (submitted on February 08, 2006)  

Hey Manuel...as always beautiful shots you got there! Congrats on the widget...will surely check them out! (submitted on February 08, 2006)  

Thanks everyone!

Romely: you can use the link at the bottom of the text to see where these are located (these aren't on Steiner).

Dorothee: you get my full recognition for your joke, it seems you were the only volunteer.

(submitted on February 08, 2006)

Tena koe ehoa
It seems as though the age of building technology will eventually turn full circle. In Aotearoa there has already been a substantial amount of construction with retro styles and products. Not to assume that wood is retro, but there are a lot more homes and a small amount of business being constructed from woods (natural resources) again instead of the metals, alloys and plastic fabrications of what I consider a trendy era of building construction.
Thanks for droppin' by my place Manuel. "Nau mai Haere mai"
(submitted on February 09, 2006)

I like this photo because it's different from the usual photo you see of the "painted ladies" (The shot taken from the top of the hill on Alamo Square that shows the SF skyline).

Very pretty photo.
(submitted on February 18, 2006)

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