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> Sunday, March 26, 2006: Anatomy Of A Cable Car

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Cable cars crossing path at one of the hilltops of California street, I just like their silhouettes, especially the bells.

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I use to live on California Street! I miss it... (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

Beautiful backlighting... And what a colour! (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

Du beau boulot Manu ! Tu mets tout... c'est bon ca... (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

California Street...one of my old hangouts. Love the yellow with black details. (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

The color is outstanding. When I take sunset photos the colors are red. Did you use a filter? (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

Wow! (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

Like Sebastien: wow! Magical picture. (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

I wish I was there (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

Wow! This is a great picture. Thanks for the inspiration Manuel. (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

Magnificent picture Manuel :) (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

Great silhouette! (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

Awesome shot! Was this one taken with the 70-200?

(submitted on March 26, 2006)

Cette photo est tres sensuelle... (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

What a gorgeous picture! Looks like the cable car is riding right into the sunset. (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

You have such beautiful pictures here! I loev teh pne with the ocean. And this yellow & black picture is gorgeous too. (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

Manuel, you'll go for days with journeyman photos, then you go and do something like this! Absolutely gorgeous!


PS - I'm going to be posting a SF video in the next few days. The link will be on my blog.
(submitted on March 26, 2006)

wow! (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

Great Shot !!!
Amazing colours....
(submitted on March 27, 2006)

a beautiful composition with fantastic colour, I like the way the colour is picked up from the rails reflecting the sky breaking up the silhouette a little. (submitted on March 27, 2006)  

Lovely shot! Well done. (submitted on March 27, 2006)  

Wow!! This is a classic! (submitted on March 27, 2006)  

just gorgeous! (submitted on March 27, 2006)  

extraordinary silhouette (submitted on March 27, 2006)  

denton: if the sky isn't red in reality, then your white balance is probably playing tricks on you.

mike: yes, this one is at 200mm - can't complain!

anonymous: je t'ai reconnu!

(submitted on March 27, 2006)


Nice. I used to work for Muni and this reminds me of the good times. As you probably know, there were plenty of bad times, too!
(submitted on March 27, 2006)

Awesome!! (submitted on March 28, 2006)  

Fantastique effectivement :) (submitted on March 28, 2006)  

This has to be my favorite shot. You rock! (submitted on April 11, 2006)  

Awesome color. (submitted on May 09, 2006)  

Just...WOW!!! (submitted on July 29, 2006)  

Great shot of a SF icon.....love it. Phil (submitted on August 19, 2006)  

A fantastic picture with great colors. (submitted on December 12, 2006)  

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