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> Thursday, March 23, 2006: Cell Phone Action

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And another Union Square shot... I hope you're getting used to this...

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Love it. Most particularly the motion you can feel in the girl coming from the right. Could be a photo to use in a magazine for an article called "working girls" for instance! (submitted on March 23, 2006)  

I want to walk in this sqare and see this beautiful girls! (submitted on March 23, 2006)  

Great setting! (submitted on March 23, 2006)  

good one - saw but didn't catch something similar yeaterday but the girl also had a teddy bear under her arm and a camera and an Ipod! (submitted on March 23, 2006)  

Great shot, they really looks like they should be in a fashion magazine!! (submitted on March 23, 2006)  

I could get used to it. They look a little snooty though, eh? (submitted on March 23, 2006)  

Manuel, nice shot! This could be a cell phone Ad as well as in a Fashion Magazine. Well Done. Did you shoot from the hip or did you use the viewfinder? (submitted on March 23, 2006)  

OMG, they're .... texting!!! (submitted on March 23, 2006)  

Staged or impromptu? Descriptive pic. I miss my City. (submitted on March 23, 2006)  

Great shot Manuel...your pretty fast with your cam to be able to catch this action (submitted on March 23, 2006)  

Beautiful wide angle shot, good light, nice girls... (submitted on March 23, 2006)  

I wish I could do more with street photography--did they know you were taking it? (submitted on March 24, 2006)  

I am interested in the answer to Rodney's question, "Did you shoot from the hip or did you use the viewfinder". I think it was shot from your hip because the girls are not focused on you and because of the angle.

Eric, I think "working girls" might have the wrong connotation.
(submitted on March 24, 2006)

Climbing the hills in SF would be like hiking the hills around Sedona (submitted on March 24, 2006)  

michael: darn! ;-)

window: nothing staged.

rodney, denton: the hip.
(submitted on March 26, 2006)

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