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> Saturday, March 25, 2006: Chasing That Photo

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The fourth Union Square shot from last Saturday, I plan on posting one more on Tuesday (unless you ask for more...).

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OK, I have a request. How about some cute ... guys, for a change?! ;-D

Seriously, this is a great capture!

(BTW, just so you know, the commenting window is still loading somewhat slowly, on my end, at least)
(submitted on March 25, 2006)

The woman's pose and the lights an shadows are wonderful. (submitted on March 25, 2006)  

California Blonde - what more is there to say? (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

Your picture looks like pictures of Philip Lorca DiCorcia, famous artist in contemporary art. Congratulations for this picture . I love it ! (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

Great photos. I especially like the Art? Not Art? one. I'm just starting a blog with some of my photos. Would you be able to comment on one or two for me? I would really appreciate your opinion. Thanks, keep up the good stuff. (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

another great shot--these people dont know your taking them do they? Keep on taking pictures of the girls!!! (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

Cute girl, fur sure !
is it the same girl as the picture : Tuesday, March 21, 2006: Window Shopping ?
(submitted on March 26, 2006)

tomate: 10-4! and you're not the only one who asked!

anna: wow, thanks!

paris: no, this is a different one, but at the same exact corner.
(submitted on March 26, 2006)

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