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> Thursday, March 09, 2006: Colorful Standing Freebies

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Almost at every corner in the city, you will find these colorful boxes that let you pick local free newspapers. I don't find these particularly pretty, but it's convenient to have access to those papers pretty much everywhere. I would say that SFWeekly is probably the one that I pick up most often.

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Et encore celles-ci sont pimpantes et sympas. Elles sont souvent plus délabrées! (submitted on March 09, 2006)  

Entre SF et SF il n'y a qu'un pas, que je franchis allègrement. En clair ces appareils ont un petit côté Robby le robot ds planète interdite (forbidden planet),hein? (submitted on March 09, 2006)  


nice photo.great colors.
(submitted on March 09, 2006)

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. (submitted on March 09, 2006)  

SF Weekly? Really? I prefer the Guardian :) (submitted on March 09, 2006)  

very colorful! (submitted on March 09, 2006)  

Very interesting idea. They only started recently handing out free newspapers at the entries to the Metro called 20minutes (the average length of a metro ride in Paris). There was a big controversy at first about it because journalism and the press are very important industries in France. Love that you caught this everyday "event" and made it a daily photo choice. (submitted on March 09, 2006)  

nice boxes! here in Japan free papers are delivered to your post so Im stuck with papers that I can't even read! (submitted on March 09, 2006)  

there are many free newspapers and magazines in melbourne but they're distributed in bundles to retail stores and pubs and left in piles to be collected by customers of the shop - no flash containers like this (submitted on March 10, 2006)  

In Newcastle we have blue tray type boxes that are located at all metro stations....the name of the free paper? Yep you guessed...'metro'. Hum,great name! Oh,and I really like the pic. (submitted on March 10, 2006)  

in NYC we do have "metro" too and also "am new york" - I like better the second one. (submitted on March 10, 2006)  

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