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> Saturday, March 18, 2006: The Crookedest Street In San Francisco

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You probably remember the Lombard Street photo in January, if not, I recommend you take a look at it and read the text otherwise, this is going to be hard to follow... So, here it is, Vermont steet, the truly crookedest street in San Francisco, located in Potrero Hill (see the map). This street has the same number of turns than Lombard street but on a shorter length and width, which makes it more crooked. Go see it on your next visit to San Francisco, there are many wonders in that neighborhood: this photo and this one were all shot in the same area.

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Il est vraiment temps que je ressorte la moto, t'as fait des essais chronometrés? (submitted on March 18, 2006)  

These are absolutely crazy! Is it two-way?! (submitted on March 18, 2006)  

C'est joli comme tout, cette photo! C'est pour les faire rever un peu ? ;-) (submitted on March 18, 2006)  

lolo: j'ai peur que ce genre de trace ne soit pas a ton avantage (legerete, agilite).

mea: this is one-way (luckily).

tomate: heing?!?
(submitted on March 18, 2006)

Je veux dire, c'est une photo qui laisse un peu reveur. Celle d'hier etait plus, euh.. realiste. :) (submitted on March 18, 2006)  

Made famous in the movie Bullitt, isn't it? (submitted on March 19, 2006)  

That was a fantastic shot. Seeing as I ride a bike I'd rather go down than up. Good shot, as always (submitted on March 19, 2006)  

Bob you always make me laugh with your comments :) Nice shot! (submitted on March 19, 2006)  

tomate: ah!! oui! (j'ai un peu de mal le weekend moi)

pierre: I think so..... I haven't seen it recently.

bob: I was tired just walking up and down trying to get an ok angle for the photo... this one is not so easy to photograph with all the trees that block the overview.

amande: no nasty remarks based on what I just said to Bob, ok? ;-) (by the way, I still have to respond to Eric who suggests my legs are out of shape - previous post)

(submitted on March 19, 2006)

Nice photo!! I was waiting for this info. I will visit the next time I am there. (submitted on March 19, 2006)  

non, je crois que dans bullit, c'est a un bloc au nord, sur une pente est-ouest... a verifier.

les rues a virage me font marrer. les trottoirs a escalier me font hiech.

Je n'habite plus (enfin!!!) dans une rue en pente.
(submitted on March 19, 2006)

Well, there's probably an escaltor or funiclar just out of shot - this is the USA, after all. (submitted on March 20, 2006)  

ham: what are you talking about, there's an elevator. (submitted on March 22, 2006)  

rodney: when you go, please take a good photo for me, ok? (shouldn't be too difficult to do better than this one - I was having a bad day, it was cold, I wanted to get home) (submitted on March 22, 2006)  

My body is still twisted and my eyes are convoluted just from walking down that section. (submitted on March 26, 2006)  

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