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> Tuesday, March 28, 2006: Find A Title!

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This is the last one of those Union Square shots that I did 10 days ago that I'm planning to post, the other ones will remain in my private collection. But I'll probably do some more of that stuff in other neighborhoods in the weeks to come. It's pretty late and I wasn't sure how to title that photo - if you have an idea, please share and I'll update the title.

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I would say : "I'm so tired!" (submitted on March 28, 2006)  

"Bored in SF"! (submitted on March 28, 2006)  

Spying again? (submitted on March 28, 2006)  

Look...A Guy Without an iPod! (submitted on March 28, 2006)  

Name it, "Pushing Fate." (submitted on March 28, 2006)  

"If my wife goes into one more store, I file for divorce!" (submitted on March 28, 2006)  

"I'm sure all those overtime hours at work were so worth it..." (submitted on March 28, 2006)  

Did I leave the oven on? (submitted on March 28, 2006)  

"My right shoulder is the heavier" (submitted on March 28, 2006)  

how about " hah, why am I even here?" (submitted on March 28, 2006)  

another great shot Manuel. His face has so much, what? Character?
Nice capture.

By the by, heard from your bud Sedona.

I'm uploading the SF video as I write this. It should be available Wednesday morning through the link provided in my blog.
(submitted on March 28, 2006)

Since his shirt doesn't say, "It wasn't me," then perhaps it should be called: "It was me." (submitted on March 28, 2006)  

No, I'm not Tiger Woods!!! (submitted on March 29, 2006)  

It's pretty late and I'm tired. (submitted on March 29, 2006)  

"So, this is what San Francisco sounds like without an iPod" (submitted on March 29, 2006)  

"Without title". In my idea, it's nit necessary ton find a title. The picture is self-sufficient. (submitted on April 02, 2006)  

Thanks to all who made the effort to propose a title! Lots of interesting choices, I still haven't made up my mind, so for now, I'll follow Anna's recommendation and leave it untitled... (submitted on April 05, 2006)  

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