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> Wednesday, March 22, 2006: From Treasure Island To San Francisco

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A closer view of Bay Bridge which links San Francisco to Oakland via Treasure Island. The portion between Treasure Island and Oakland was damaged during the 1989 earthquake and is currently being rebuilt. All the factoids and history about the bridge can be found here if you're interested.

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Nice shot! I always loved those dramatic evening skies. More shades of blue and pink than you can imagine. (submitted on March 21, 2006)  

spectacular shot, esp. the large version (submitted on March 22, 2006)  

I like the buildings dividing the picture between the sky and the sea :) (submitted on March 22, 2006)  

Beautiful postcard-like shot! (submitted on March 22, 2006)  

Lovely shot. It's like CHristmas all over again. (submitted on March 22, 2006)  

Super nice!!!! My favorite spot in San Francisco to see the entire city. Gorgeous! (submitted on March 22, 2006)  

Manuel - Nice shot! Very dramatic. (submitted on March 22, 2006)  

THIS is one fantastic night shot, screensaver quality! Well, done, Manu!

Plus, you managed to get SF on a clear day, without fog, which is not so easy to do lately! Well done, Manu, totally enthousiastic thumbs up and everything!!! :-))
(submitted on March 22, 2006)

Aaaah! This makes me SO homesick for San Francisco! (submitted on March 22, 2006)  

Man I need to shoot more during the blue hour!
Nice one.
(submitted on March 22, 2006)

Thanks for all of the great pics. I love SF, and they make great desktop wallpaper. (submitted on March 22, 2006)  

Born and raised in the City...I never get tired of its beauty. Love this rendition. (submitted on March 22, 2006)  

Amazing photo! It really makes me miss San Francisco. The thumbnail didn't really look that spectacular, but once I saw the bigger photo I was sold. Wish I could print out a huge copy of it and hang it on my wall... (submitted on March 23, 2006)  

tomate: the clouds were pretty thick above me and can you see this dark layer coming in from the back? There was just this one opening of clear sky between the two layers. (submitted on March 23, 2006)  

fantastic shot. a city i really must visit. (submitted on March 23, 2006)  

you got to be pleased with this shot.... (submitted on March 24, 2006)  

It really is a beautiful!

I also went to the treasure island during my stay in SF and had wonderful time seeing this beautiful night view.
(submitted on April 05, 2006)

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