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> Saturday, March 11, 2006: Montmartre

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For being a lover of the Montmartre neighborhood in Paris, I was pleasantly surprised when I first found this place in San Francisco close to Buena Vista park. Eric, I wish you a happy one year blogging anniversary! (for the record, it's after seeing Eric's blog that I decided to start San Francisco Daily Photo)

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Unbelievable the resemblance to Montmartre. Really cool way to wish PDP a happy birthday.

Can't wait to see the photos of snow in SF tomorrow?
(submitted on March 11, 2006)

Manuel - Great Shot!! I love Montmartre and this reminds me of it so much. Nice. (submitted on March 11, 2006)  

And you're doing a damn good job at it. Well done, the shot of Montmartre! (submitted on March 11, 2006)  

Neige à Montmartre?
On s'attend à voir Jacques prévert dans les escaliers...
(submitted on March 11, 2006)

Yes it could be Paris - certainly looks like it to me (submitted on March 11, 2006)  

Michael, yes, it snowed but do you really want to send our poor Manu out there in the elements? He already went last week, remember? (submitted on March 11, 2006)  

tomate: I went out there, didn't see any! (limiting myself to purely SF that is) ;-) (submitted on March 12, 2006)  

I heard there was snow on campus at SF State U but I didn't go see. Dedication to blogging is very nice and everything, but there is something to be said for staying warm inside when the weather is clearly against you ;-) (submitted on March 12, 2006)  

Wow. Awesome shot. (submitted on March 13, 2006)  

nice shot. I don't know why but black & white photos always give me an impression of silence.. I wanna create a blog too after I seen yours ;) (submitted on March 15, 2006)  

j'y ai habité, 11bis rue du mont cenis 18eme, c etait meme plus accentue et plus long. nostalgique, tu me rends avec cette photo !! (submitted on March 19, 2006)  

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