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> Monday, March 13, 2006: San Francisco Shadows and Colors: Green

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A different door, a different wall, a different color for the second image in the series San Francisco Shadows and Colors (the first image can be seen here). Today's color is green for St Patrick's day.

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I like this one! Good shot! (submitted on March 13, 2006)  

Beautiful (submitted on March 13, 2006)  

Is it San Patrick's day already? The contrast is excellent anyway. (submitted on March 13, 2006)  

The door looks so tiny! (submitted on March 13, 2006)  

St Patricks day on Friday--Ill be posting a related pic then!
Great shot.
(submitted on March 13, 2006)

Le vert de l'Irlande, le bleu de la France, les deux potentiels vainqueurs du tournoi cette année. Je savais que t'étais un fan de Rugby, Manu.Dans la symbolique la couleur joue qd mm un rôle majeur, non?
PS:La Guinness est au frais(mais pas trop!!!)
(submitted on March 13, 2006)

It's a nice shot!! (submitted on March 13, 2006)  

It is a nice graphic photo ! Blue doors bring luck ! The wall looks as if it was a texture for Christmas. It's perhaps no really house, but a puppet house covered with textil. (submitted on March 13, 2006)  

Manuel, just marvelous composition! (submitted on March 13, 2006)  

St Patrick's day is Friday, that's right. The St Patrick's day parades usually occur the Sunday before in most US cities, so that was yesterday. So, we could call it St Patrick's week I guess!

(submitted on March 13, 2006)

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