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> Monday, March 20, 2006: San Francisco Shadows and Colors: Turquoise

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To start off the week, a third photo in the shadows and colors series (the previous image can be seen here). To be added to the palette of San Francisco houses today: turquoise. Have a good week!

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From here in the cold British Isles, it looks like a sunny day. I like it. (submitted on March 20, 2006)  

I admire this series of color details, the red, the green and the blue ones are fantastic, Manuel. It is difficult to follow everybody in the group and comment all photos you like. From now on I will keep an eye more frequently on your work. (submitted on March 20, 2006)  

It's very pretty! I like it! It makes me think of vacation.

(btw, blogger is still having problems this morning).
(submitted on March 20, 2006)

very nice colour effect! good work! (submitted on March 20, 2006)  

I really enjoy your "new" idea about posting colored pictures every Monday. So far this is my favorite. Really nice. (submitted on March 20, 2006)  

Beautiful color Manuel! Great job! (submitted on March 20, 2006)  

I really like this series you are doing! Thank you,
(submitted on March 20, 2006)

That's color is like clean sea's color. but many sea is change to dirty by human being.. (submitted on March 20, 2006)  

Beautiful color! I love the widget!! (submitted on March 20, 2006)  

Another good one--would love to have a link to see the full buildings? (submitted on March 21, 2006)  

An excellent minimalist picture. I love that! (submitted on March 22, 2006)  

thanks everyone, glad you enjoy the series, I was wondering...

chris: this is a home and I... err... didn't take a photo other than this one (I'm obviously unable to take a regular photo, sorry).
(submitted on March 22, 2006)

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