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> Tuesday, March 14, 2006: San Francisco Trivia: Can Anyone Name That Car?

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Alright, let's see if I can put you to work: can anyone name the make and model of that car on this photo? (snow update: I saw some snow flakes flying around me this evening... someone also sent me a photo of hailstones in Noe Valley, maybe it'll really happen this time - to be continued...)

we have a winner - see the comments

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looks to be about a '57 or '58, although I'm not sure of the make - Buick, maybe? (submitted on March 14, 2006)  

Great shot - no idea about the car. (submitted on March 14, 2006)  

Sorry, no idea about the car but I like the skyline in the background :)! (submitted on March 14, 2006)  

I'm thinking.... late 50's Oldsmobile... But I really don't have clue :-) (submitted on March 14, 2006)  

I know! I know! It's a RED car. Do I get a prize? (submitted on March 14, 2006)  

I agree with Nicola, I really like the background. Concerning the car, just to try and say something, I would say a Pontiac. (submitted on March 14, 2006)  

like many here, i have no idea about the car, but that is a super cool shot. the tangle of electric lines is particularly interesting. (submitted on March 14, 2006)  

Is it a chevrolet? (submitted on March 14, 2006)  

Great photo great panorama I love red car from the fifties (submitted on March 14, 2006)  

I love 50's American cars but I still have no idea what it is, but I do like the photo a lot. (submitted on March 14, 2006)  

thunderbird ? (submitted on March 14, 2006)  

I don't know, but I like it. The color, no doubt ;-)

I'd go with Marie's guess.

I see that Blogger is still having problems today :-(
(submitted on March 14, 2006)

I do believe that is a 1963 Mercury Comet.... (submitted on March 14, 2006)  

Mercury 1953? (submitted on March 14, 2006)  

Well, I have to say, these were some pretty good guesses! You guys seem to know a lot more about classic American cars than I do.

But the winner is... Jamie! This is quite amazing as this car with this look was only produced for one year. So, congratulations to you Jamie!

If you're interested you can see one just like the one on the photo here.

Ham: nice effort on your part. As far as prize, I can't promise you a 6-nations tournament trophy, but I'll see what I can do. ;-)

(submitted on March 14, 2006)

No matter te make and model... I just see an amazing picture of San Francisco. (submitted on March 14, 2006)  

I love old American cars, and this one is no exception. (submitted on March 14, 2006)  

I love the shot, but I don't know the make or model. (submitted on March 14, 2006)  

now why am i not amazed this shot/ question attracted a lot of comments from the male bloggers?! :) (submitted on March 15, 2006)  

Thanks! I'm in the Hell's Belles Car Club SF and one of our ladies has a '62 Comet. Very distinct rear end....:)
(submitted on March 15, 2006)

Just clarifying the answer if you didn't catch it: the car is a 1963 Mercury Comet and Jamie is the winner of the trivia (prize to be determined...). ;-)

(submitted on March 15, 2006)

Some chicks care about old cars too! But my answer was way wrong. And late. I was going to guess a 60s Skylark-y type car. (submitted on March 16, 2006)  

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