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> Thursday, March 02, 2006: Shaklee Terraces

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This is another one of those modern buildings that can be found downtown San Francisco. I am not sure which company this particular building hosts (anyone knows?), but if I had to hazard a guess, I'd say it's a bank... It's interesting to know that however futuristic this might look today, this was built in the late 1970s. The rooftop features a terrace with some greeneries that you can actually see on the map link below. More information on this building and how it compares with others in the city can be found here.

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beautiful photography Manuel! The blues look so real! (submitted on March 02, 2006)  

Impressionnant!Quand j'ai agrandi la photo, j'ai eu le souffle coupé... (submitted on March 02, 2006)  

Great shot. Financial services, insurance, auditors.. they all love modren architecture with metal and shiny glass (submitted on March 02, 2006)  

I know that building - it's on Market St., isn't it? I'm sure Karine will recognize it as well!
Great perspective!
(submitted on March 02, 2006)

Astounding!!! I like the reflection of another older (?) building on the windows! (submitted on March 02, 2006)  

Nicola - I recognize it very well. And my guess is the same as Manuel. I bet you this is a bank ;) really great shot! (submitted on March 02, 2006)  

At first it was a photo of bleachers (modern). (submitted on March 02, 2006)  

I wonder if a modern structure portrays the correct image for a bank. I think my deposits should go to a bank in a building which indicates the bank will be in business for a long time. ... The photo is great. It is enjoyable to find additional aspects of a photo (i.e. the reflection) which one does not see at first glance. (submitted on March 02, 2006)  


Great photo and link. I am looking for some photographs of a few San Francisco buildings for work and I think your link would help me.


(submitted on March 02, 2006)

wow! breathtaking!! amazing shot! (submitted on March 02, 2006)  

According to a SF Business Times article dated 11/1/96 some of the tenets included: Oracle Electronics, GE Capital, Times Mirror Training, Inc., MCI Communications, Macready & Gutman, Willis Corroon and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.

At the time AIG was expected to lease upwards of 150,000 sq ft, but the deal went sour.
(submitted on March 02, 2006)

Rodney: what do you need? I can search my HD and see what I have. A word of warning, though, my photographs are nowhere near as cool as Manu's! :-) (submitted on March 02, 2006)  

Such a gorgeous shot....just wish that tree branch wasn't there. (submitted on March 02, 2006)  

The Shaklee Terraces was built as the headquarters for Shaklee Corporation back in the late 70's. Shaklee is a health and wellness company, hence the inclusion of the nature-inspired terraces. Within the last 6 years Shaklee relocated to Pleasanton, but obviously the San Francisco landmark is still known by its original name. (submitted on March 02, 2006)  

Nice use of leading lines. :) (submitted on March 02, 2006)  

Anonymous and LLoyd: thanks for the details! I know about Shaklee, but I knew they weren't in the building, so I couldn't connect the dots. (submitted on March 02, 2006)  

It's funny Lloyd, I was thinking the same thing! I didn't know that selling vitamins could lead to skyscrapers in San Francisco. Guess the really DO help you grow!

Great photo Manuel.
(submitted on March 03, 2006)

Tomate Farcie - Thanks for the offer. I found the pictures I needed. They were of 1 Market and Embarcadero West. These were test sites for my company.

Thanks Again
(submitted on March 09, 2006)

fantastica... (submitted on March 11, 2006)  

I love the converging lines here and the pattern is astounding. I think you also did a great job with the composition. One thing that bothers me though are the distracting tree limbs. They break the pattern and converging lines.

Marcelo Vilares
(submitted on March 11, 2006)

Superbes formes et excellente perspective. (submitted on May 09, 2006)  

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