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> Sunday, March 05, 2006: Skateboarders

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I'm not sure if skateboarding at the Embarcardero Center is a religious ritual, but there seem to be skateboarders there every Saturday and Sunday. Anyone knows if they're there on weekdays too?

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Did he make it? (submitted on March 05, 2006)  

WHAOUUUUUHHH bravo pour cette photo ! (submitted on March 05, 2006)  

Cool shot! It must have been difficult to take it exactly while he's jumping (submitted on March 05, 2006)  

Pfuuuiiiii, je fais pareil. Enfin, je veux dire en l'air, sur un instantané,quoi!!! Plus dure sera la chute!!! (submitted on March 05, 2006)  

I love the Embarcadero area. The earthquake of 1988 had at least on good consequence, the demolition of the freeway. SF was reunited after that.

As for the skateboarders, they are everywhere here in Monterey Bay area. They are their own sub-culture.
(submitted on March 05, 2006)

Rob: I thought of adding this to this post and then I forgot - yes, he made it beautifully, everything under control... ;-)

(submitted on March 05, 2006)

BRA-VO! Do you have a shoot mode on your cam, or did you just happen to tpress on the trigger at the right moment?? (submitted on March 05, 2006)  

Damn, en plein vol! (submitted on March 05, 2006)  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. (submitted on March 05, 2006)  

Oops, didn't see the question!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure they are, at certain times of the day. There seem to be all kinds of things going on, there. Once, I saw the band Train shoot a video, there, one morning.

There is Farmer's Market on Tuesday, if anybody's interested.
(submitted on March 05, 2006)

Caught the move nicely - tricky thing (submitted on March 06, 2006)  

hey, just downloaded your konfabulator widget and i love it. anyway, i am a skateboarder, and the embarcardero is a SUPER popular place for skaters to skate. it is in toooooons of skate videos and there are skaters there all the time. (submitted on March 13, 2006)  

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