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> Sunday, March 12, 2006: Snow In San Francisco

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Based on the weather forecast (and a little pressure from Michael), I have been looking for snow this weekend. As I was getting desperate finding any, I started exploring options: ice in my freezer and... foam on Ocean Beach. I figured you would enjoy seeing Ocean Beach a little more than my freezer, so that's what I picked for today's photo. Bottom line: it hasn't snowed in thirty years in San Francisco, but I'll keep an eye out. I read it has snowed this weekend in surrounding areas though.

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Who's Michael? (just kidding, Michael ;-)

There really was snow: see this article on CNN

(submitted on March 12, 2006)

North of Golden Gate Bridge, that's beyond my photo territory (for this blog anyway). ;-)

Santa Cruz had quite a bit of snow too and I read that a bunch of people went there to see it (which shows how exceptional this is).
(submitted on March 12, 2006)

Way cool shot Manuel! This photo puts us RIGHT THERE. Love seeing the breeze whipping hair about and the couple enjoying the moment. I can even see the dog's smile :-). In the background I can just make out the white buildings of Point Bonita, an old military installation which my quilt guild used to rent out for cheap to hold three-day long workshops (PB retreat center has its own chef and kitchen staff, so it's a great place for simple hostle-style group accomodations, and great view, too!) Great misty sunset light on the hills! (submitted on March 12, 2006)  

we saw some snow on top of some buildings of SF today, on the final approach to OAK airport... amazing... (submitted on March 12, 2006)  

Hey Manuel, yes indeed it snowed down here on the other side of the Santa Cruz.

Loks just a trifle cold up there!
(submitted on March 12, 2006)

Love these winter beach shots (submitted on March 13, 2006)  

When there is snow here (and it was often this year) I rather like to stay at home than to ride my car because it is very difficult to ride a car then especially when the road goes up. On the street for my house there were several cars which couln't no more left the place and we had to showel the snow. There are some part of France where they have never snow and when they have one centimeter they stay at home for fear to have a broken leg or some damage at the car, for example in the Bretagne or on the French Riveria.They all speak of a warming of the earth, but this year the winter is endless, and I speak from a colder earth... (submitted on March 13, 2006)  

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