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> Friday, March 24, 2006: Somewhat Pacific

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The Pacific Ocean... which hasn't looked that pacific lately...

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Great Shot! I love the color and the waves. (submitted on March 24, 2006)  

C'est beau!!! Superbe! :-D (submitted on March 24, 2006)  

C'est la Bretagne à San Francisco ? ;)
Superbe photo ! Il pleuvait au loin ?
(submitted on March 24, 2006)

C'est vrai que ça a un petit côté Atlantique bretonnisante. Je suis sûr que Manuel a photoshopé la pluie...

Just kidding Manuel, it's a great picture, love the sea when it's furious. can you surf in these rolls?
(submitted on March 24, 2006)

un petit coin de paradis (submitted on March 24, 2006)  

Ohhh, là j'ai envie de surfer... :( (submitted on March 24, 2006)  

Another beautiful pic! What a light! (submitted on March 24, 2006)  

Effectivement c'est beau, très beau tout ça! (submitted on March 25, 2006)  

beautiful, very beautiful. It looks almost golden! (submitted on March 25, 2006)  

Great shot. I can hear it. (submitted on March 25, 2006)  

like your photos, a lot. first time here. it's true that is has something to do with Lisbon: the slopes, the trams and mostly the bridge (don't know if you know it, they're supposed to be twins). Got to get one picture of it. (submitted on March 25, 2006)  

What a great shot with the waves rolling in like that! (submitted on March 25, 2006)  

the peace of the ocean... loving it..! (submitted on March 25, 2006)  

Turmoil and violence. Looks like there is no earth underneath, but all beauty above. (submitted on March 25, 2006)  

Love your shots - as a native San Franciscan, I really appreciate your unique views on my home. (submitted on March 25, 2006)  

fredb: it looked like they're was quite a storm in the distance.

eric: there's usually some surfers but not on that day.

andy: good to hear, thanks!
(submitted on March 26, 2006)

I've visited the Pacific Ocean shoreline near SF but have never seen such powerful waves. What a great pix! Love all of your pix. I love SF and plan to return in a year for a visit. Sure wish I could afford to live there. Keep up the good work. (submitted on March 29, 2006)  

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