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> Saturday, March 04, 2006: Tree Falling In Lafayette Park

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Today at around 5 pm I heard a huge noise, followed by some screams, and shortly thereafter some sirens. A tree had fallen on a group of people in Lafayette Park. Luckily, only one person from the group was truly under the tree and apparently only suffered from minor injuries. This was quite an extraordinary scene and I'm guessing this is a late result of the strong winds we've seen in the city these past few days. It was impressive to see how rapidly the SFFD and SFPD (and SFDP now that I think about it) were on the scene. I'll be checking for some news on the injured person tomorrow but let's hope for the best.

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Terrible thing!!! It looks laike an old died elephant... (submitted on March 04, 2006)  

OK. Like An Old Dead Elephant. :-) pffff (submitted on March 04, 2006)  

vinvin: deformation professionnelle toutes ces fautes on dirait... ;-) (submitted on March 04, 2006)  

Hope someone's car wasn't under there. (submitted on March 04, 2006)  

Oh, my gosh!!! I guess that poor tree's just had its share of earthquakes, winds, and other catastrophes! Poor thing! Glad nobody was seriously hurt. (submitted on March 04, 2006)  

And that looks like a heavyweight! (submitted on March 04, 2006)  

C'est un peu une habitude au Lafayette Park, il en tombe un "de temps en temps", mais généralement pas sur les gens!
C'est quoi le SFDP?
(submitted on March 04, 2006)

SFDP! I like that. I quess that makes my site the GDP not to be confused with the Gross Domestic Product. (submitted on March 04, 2006)  

Yeah I love the SFDP too. Made me laugh (Out Loud, yes!) (submitted on March 05, 2006)  

Well, that's a lot of cliches you can now address: yes, a tree that falls anywhere makes a great big loud sound!

PS - this SFPD combination of letters has always troubled me in chemistry because the order of electron orbitals is S,P,D,F - and I was forever trying to come up with a San Francisco-ish mnemonic device for it. Sorry if this is way too dorky to interest...
(submitted on March 06, 2006)

I used to live right across the street from Lafayette Park on Sacramento and Laguna. Wow, I can't imagine! This could have been worse - I'm glad to hear that only one person was affected, and had only minor injuries. (submitted on March 07, 2006)  

WOW! Back when Mount Saint Hellens errupted and sent its ash plum up into the stratosphere, SF had 50 out of 60 days of rain as a result. Then a big wind storm hit, and all these older giant trees in GG Park came crashing down. Most were 100-150 years old so at or toward the end of their life span. A lot of Monteray Cypress, Eucaliptus, etc. When we lived in Berkeley this beautiful majestic Monteray Cypress, over 150 years old, fell without warning on a car stopped at the stoplight nearby and it killed the driver. . .I hope the people in this incident recover fully. How frieghtening! (submitted on March 09, 2006)  

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